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Ridin' On Motorcycles~Crusin' In Cars

Motorcycles Are Better Than Men Because...

A motorcycle can go for more than one ride in an hour.
Motorcycles never develop spare tires.
Motorcycles last longer.
You don`t have to kick your motorcycle to get it going.
You won`t have to put your motorcycle through university.
If your motorcycle smokes you can do something about it.
Motorcycles don`t care about how many other motorcycles you have ridden.
When riding, you and your motorcycle both arrive at the same time.
One motorcycle will satisfy you every time.
Your motorcycle won`t ogle other motorcycles.
Motorcycles don`t care about breast size.
If your motorcycle is too soft you can get new shocks
You don`t have to drink beer before your motorcycle looks appealing.
Your motorcycle won`t beat you or try to make you feel inferior.
You can ride a motorcycle as long as you want and it won`t get limp.
Motorcycles always feel like going for a ride when you do.
Motorcycles don`t insult you if you are a novice.
Your motorcycle never wants a night out alone with the other motorcycles.
Motorcycles don`t make you late.
Your motorcycle won`t complain when you use protection.
You can`t get a disease from a motorcycle.
Your motorcycle won`t care if you fake it.
Motorcycles are always ready to stop when you are.
Your motorcycle has a built in vibrator.
Your motorcycle doesn`t have to show off in front of other motorcycles.
Your motorcycle won`t lie to you.
Your motorcycle doesn`t care how heavy you are.
In the morning, your motorcycle won`t poke you in the back when it wants to go for a ride.
Your motorcycle won`t shrink when it`s cold.
If your motorcycle can`t fire up, you can just replace the battery.
You don`t have to cook for your motorcycle.
Your motorcycle can`t ride around behind your back.
Your motorcycle would rather go for a ride than watch sports.
Your motorcycle won't mind going for another ride.
You only have to ride your motorcycle when you want to.
Your motorcycle won`t go for rides by itself.
If baldness occurs, you can replace the tires.
Motorcycles don`t snore.

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