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Motorcycles K~O


Kaestner Chicago
Kane Pennington USA, 1895?

started producing motorcycles when they bought out Meguro in 1963. Their first Model was the W1 (K1) Introduced in 1965 and sold in the U.S. in 1966, the W2 in 1967 and the W3 was last produced in 1974. It had an Air-Cooled , 4-stroke, Twin OHV 496cc engine mounted in a double-cradle frame. It was a copy of a BSA A7
USA, 1901 - 19??, Keating Wheel and Automobile Co
USA, 1910-1914, Used Waverly engines
USA, Early 1907 - 1912?, Kiefler Motor Works had a 5hp single in 1909
KillaCycle USA, A one off electric motorcycle built for drag racing. It set a world record for electric powered bikes in Aug. of 2000 with a run of 9.45 seconds at 152.07mph. The battery powered motor uses 624 batteries that put out 312 volts and 3600 peak amps. A new more powerful one is under construction in 2002

USA, 1903 - ? Kirkham Motor Manufacturing Co. Built engines for the first Curtiss Hercules motorcycles and produced a limited number of complete motorcycles
USA,. 1999, Custom Harley Clones
USA, Kokomo, IN
USA, 1909 - 1917, The Deninger Cycle Co. perhaps made their own motorcycles or just rebadged others such as Manson and Emblem with the Kulture badge


La Ray USA, 1940's? La Ray Powercycle was a motorized bicycle
USA, 1995, makes electric motorcycles powered by a brush-less Variable Reluctance "VR" motor that has no magnets. Made by Electric Motorbike Incorporated (EMB)
Lewis USA

USA, V-8 trikes
USA 1970's?, mini-bikes
USA, 1880, steam tricycle


Maltby USA, 1901? - 1903?, Maltby Automobile and Manufacturing Co
USA, Mini bikes
USA, 1905? - 1908?, Chicago, Thor engines
USA, 1900 - 1905,
Marvel USA, 1910 - 1913, The
Marvel Motorcycle Co. was started With Glenn Curtiss as one of the major partners. It was the successor of the Motorcycle Equipment and Supply Co. that built the "Mesco" engine kits and complete motorbikes in 1905 and in 1906 through 1909 used the name "Erie".
USA, 1916? - 1920?
MCC USA, Minneapolis Custom Cycle, Harley clones

USA, 1904 - 1906, Meadowbrook Cycle Co.
Mears USA, 1901? - 1903?, The Mears Cycle Machine Co. built engines and possibly complete bikes

USA, 1901 - 1910, Joseph Merkel built motorcycles and motor wheel attachments called the Merkel Wheel and later the Merkel Motor Wheel
Merkel Motor Wheel
USA, 1916 -1918, The Merkel Motor Wheel Co. Inc. built an engine that came with a replacment rear wheel, fuel tank, brake and fender. Bought by Hendee (Indian) around 1919
USA, 1905, Made an engine kit for bicycles and a few complete motorbikes.
USA, Early 1900's, Charles Metz started the Waltham Manufacturing Co. in Waltham, Mass. that made bicycles and produced Orient motorcycles from 1898 to 1904 using Astor engines. He left Waltham in 1902 and started building Metz motorcycles and joined in a partnership with Marsh motorcycles around 1905 and created the American Motorcycle Co. in Brockton Mass. to make the Marsh-Metz also known as MM. Waltham became known as the Metz Car Company.
Miami USA, Early 1900's, Miami Cycle Co. The Miami Power Bicycle

USA, 1911 - 1917, In 1911 The Militaire Auto Co. made what they called, a two wheeled auto that had an aluminum body and had outriggers. It soon lost the body and went through a series of reorganizations and company names. In 1917 they became the Militor Corp. and dropped the Militaire name in favor of Militor. After several more company name changes, production of the Militor stopped somewhere around 1924
USA, 1917 - 1924? see Militaire
USA, Harry Miller, famous as engine builder and designer in American race car circles in the first half of the twentieth century, mounted a single cylinder engine on a bicycle frame around 1895. Maybe the first gas powered motorcycle in the U.S.
USA, 1908 - 1913, Started by four brothers, the Michaelson Motorcycle Company had two separate lines, the Minneapolis (under the Minneapolis Motorcycle Company badge) and the Michaelson. Both motorcycles came with either a single or twin cylinder engine. The single was made by the Michaelsons and the twin was a Spacke. They also made a service three wheeler with two wheels in front in 1909
Monarch USA, 1912 - 1915, Formerly Reliance motorcycles, the Ives Motorcycle Corp which purchased Reliance was never financially successful. They produced motorcycles and sold complete engines to some small car makers and sold their last bikes in 1915. They had a 10hp V-twin in 1913

USA, 1915 - 1920, The Gibson Mon-Auto Company made a 2.5hp mini-bike designed by Hugo Gibson who had also made the Autoped. Also called Gibson Mon-Auto
USA, 1917 Autocycle
Morgan USA, 1901 - 1902, The Morgan Motor Co. made engine kits for bicycles

New Jersey, Made by George Wacker
USA, 1946 - 1965


Nelk USA, 1946-1948
USA, 1922 - 1928, Made by the Ner-a-car corporation in Syracuse NY. Was designed by Carl Neracher who had worked as designer for Cleveland motorcycles. It was also produced in England until 1926
Nioga USA, 1903? The Nioga Cycle Works possibly produced a motor bicycle

USA, 1999 - , A former fabricator for AR Streetracker started his own business building streetrackers
James Norton Started in 1901, combined with Villiers and Triumph to become NVT. Norton reemerged in 1998 as Norton Motors International. They have a new model that has a V-8 engine and is supposed to have 225hp and will go 200+ mph ... we'll see


Oakes USA
Okay USA,1916 - 1917, Built a motor wheel for bicycles

USA, They make a 1/2 scale mini-bike that has chopper styling and a 150cc engine

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