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Motorcycles P~Z


Pam USA, 1921? - 1924?, Made by the Autocylette Manufacturing and Sales Corp.
USA, 1905? NY?
USA, Organized in 1996, Harley Clone custom bike maker that uses The "Neo-Pan" a redesigned engine that resembles a Pan Head
Patee USA, 1901 - 1902? The Patee Bicycle Co. tried their hand at motorcycles after buying Joshua Morris' (Morris-Corkhill) engine business, but it was short lived

USA, Custom scooters
USA, 1913 - 1916, Boston, They had singles and v-twins
Peerless SD USA,

USA, 1911 - 1912? Waverly Mfg Wisconsin
United States and England, 1895 - 96? 1900?, Designed by E.J. Pennington, an American promoter, It was designed in the United States, and was built by the Hitchcock Manufacturing Co but was also produced in England
USA, 1909 - 1914, George Pierce, owner of the Pierce Arrow Automobile Company, and the Pierce Bicycle Company, started making the Pierce Four motorcycle in 1909. A single cylinder model was added in 1910.
Milwaukee Motorcycle Co, early 1900's
USA, 1911 - 1918, They had a 998cc v-twin in 1914
Powell USA, 1937?

Pro 1
USA, Harley clones


Reading Standard USA, 1905? Early models used Thor engines. Bought by Cleveland motorcycle in 1922, Cleveland sold the last Reading Standard in 1923. Some had an 1170cc V-twin,
USA, 1900's Miami Cycle Co. Thor engines
Red Horse USA, Harley clones

USA, The Regas Vehicle Company built it's first motorcycle around 1900 using a DeDion engine. Before they stopped making motorcycles in 1903 they also used Patee and or Fleming engines
USA, In 1903 the Reliance was Introduced by the Empire Motor Cycle Co., which soon changed to the Reliance Motor Cycle Co. The company had financial problems in 1911 and was purchased by it's former director Willis Ives. Ives restarted the production of motorcycles in 1912 under the Monarch name. Ridley USA, They make 3/4 scale bikes that look like a Harley and use 465 to 570cc V-Twin engines and an automatic transmission that their ads describe as "Gas & Go. There isn't a clutch to mess with or shifter to be confused by." How convenient, I always get confused by that pesky shifter
Riotte USA, 1895?, Carl Riotte designed a small kerosene burning engine that was attached to a bicycle

USA, 1972 - 1975, sold models called Chibi, Taka and Tora
USA, They have their first prototype done, the RV500cc two stroke, it has 102hp and weights 325lb
Rokon USA, Started making 2 wheel drive bikes in the late 1950's

USA, Rollaway Co. 1919 - 1921, made bicycle engine kits
(steam) USA, 1867, Made by Sylvester Roper, it was probably the first motorcycle. Made about the same time as the Michaux-Perraux in France. The coal fired steam engine unit is part of a specially built chassis rather than an add-on and had no pedal crank. Roper also built a four wheeled "steam carriage" and exhibited both at fairs and circuses for a number of years. He suffered a heart attack while riding one at a show in 1896 and died. One is in the Smithsonian Museum
Royal USA, 1901 - 1910, In 1909 - 1910 they made the Royal Pioneer
who's exhaust ran out through the frame tubes
Rudge Wedge England, 1902 - ? Harry Rudge and C. Wedge built motorcycles for a while and then built


Salsbury USA, Late 1940's, They had a 320cc scooter
USA, 1907 - 1924, Schickel Motor Co.
USA, 1901? - 1911, George Dewald built a shaft drive motorcycle in 1901. In 1909 he formed the S.D. manufacturing Co. with Jacob R. Spangler. The SD stood for Shaft Drive. They were sold as SD, SDM and Peerless SD
USA, Sold it's first motorcycles in 1909 or 1910. Until around 1916 they sold Sears badged motorcycles made by Thor and Excelsior with v-twins and some with Spacke singles. I think that some Gilera built Motorcycles were sold as Sears in the 1960's
Shaw USA, 1912 - 1914, The Shaw Mfg. Co built clip-on bicycle engines before and after they tried complete bikes for two years

USA, Made the Servi-Cycle in Louisiana 1935 - 1960, built scooters until around 1975
Simplex USA, 1906 - 1909, The Prospect Motor Manufacturing Co 1906-07 and then the Prospect Motor Co. 1907-09. They built or imported and assembled? motorcycles with Sarolea engines and then Peugeot engines. Around 1907 to 1908, they built under license? or just assembled and sold Peugeot motorcycles that were sold as Simplex-Peugeot. They once again started building their own bikes using Buchet and Peugeot engines before they closed in 1909

Smith Motor Wheel
USA, built by the A.O. Smith Co in Milwaukee, it was a detachable engine and drive wheel for bicycles
USA, Spacke Machine Co. Made engines and possibly their own "Deluxe" motorcycle around 1913
Stearns USA, 1901? - ?

USA, Harley clones
Steffey USA, 1900's

USA, 1967 - 1973?, Mini-bikes
USA, 1901, Stratton Motor Bicycle Co.
USA, The American Excelsior company rebadged their exports as Super-X because the English Excelsior Co. had the rights to the Excelsior name in Europe. Super-X was also one of their model names
started making motorcycles in 1952


Theim USA, 1900 - ? Thiem Mfg. Co., Minneapolis
USA, 1904, Made by Reading-Standard.
USA, 1906? - 1909?, The Tiger Cycle Co., Harry Gliesman sold many brands of motorcycles and one of his various companies apparently produced the Tiger Special
USA, Another of the growing number of Harley Davidson clone motorcycles built with after market parts. Filed for chapter 11 in Jan. 2001
Tote Gote USA, 1958 - 1970, Trail scooters

USA, 1905 - 1907, Newark NJ, Breeze Motor Mfg. Co. 500cc single
USA, 1901?? built by Glenn Curtiss
Trenton USA, Early 1900's

USA, They make trike conversions using Honda GL1200 and GL15OO Gold Wing, Valkyrie, Interstate and Kawasaki engines
USA, early 1900's


Victory USA, Made by Polaris, has Harley styling. They produce their own ohc, four valve per cylinder, 92 cu. in. V - Twin engines. Started development in 1993 and rolled the first one out in 1998


Wagner USA, 1904 - ? Minneapolis
USA, 1905 - 1913, Had 500cc OHV single. Also made Jefferson, PEM and sold engines
USA, 1905 - 1907, actually a tricycle with two wheels in front, Aurora Mfg engine
USA, 1939 - 1964, Motorized bicycles
USA, 1901, If any were produced?
Wild West Motor Company USA, Harley Clones

USA, 1910's? J.N. Williams built a three cyl. engine that was put inside the wheel on several prototypes
USA, 1914?
Wysecycle USA


Y2K USA, Made by Marine Turbine Technology. Weighs 460 lbs and has an Allison Rolls Royce 250 Gas Turbine that makes 320 hp with 286 hp at the rear wheel and 425 ft lbs of torque. It has an estimated Top Speed of 250 mph, 1/4 Mile: 9.80 @ 160 mph, 0-200 mph in 15.0 seconds. All with a modest price tag of only $150,000
USA, 1902 - 1915, their first bike was the Yale-California
USA, Consolidated Manufacturing Company in Toledo, Ohio, 1902 - 1915, Bought the rights for the California motorcycle
USA, 1969 - 1977? Ossa engines
USA, 1920's
USA, 1903 - 1908, Charles Haberer used Thor parts and assembled motorcycles and sold them as "The Yankee" until Thor started building their own motorcycles. He then became a dealer for Thor


Zap USA, Electric bicycles
USA, Motorized Bicycles

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