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Ridin' On Motorcycles~Crusin' In Cars

Motorcycles D~J


Day USA, Early 1900's, Kelcom engines
USA, Harley Clones using TP Engineering engines and Transmissions
USA, Dayton, OH 1914 - ? Manufactured a motor bicycle engine kit and a twin cylinder motorcycle
Daytona Harley Clones
DeLong USA, 1901 - 1903, The Industrial Machine Co.
Denali USA, Makes a line of electric motorcycles
USA, Harley Clones - Rev Tec and TP Engineering Engines
USA, 1910?
Didik USA, Frank Didik makes several solar vehicles including a solar, electric, human powered motorcycle called the Sun Shark it is capable of speeds up to 40 miles per hour. It has an enclosed body with retractable outriggers
USA, Beam Manufacturing in Webster City, Iowa, produced this scooter from 1946 - 1949 and possibly again? or by someone else? from 1954-1958. Distributed by Gambles Hardware and Western Auto stores.
Duesenberg USA
Dukelow USA
Dynacycle USA, 1949-1953, St. Louis, MO Sold 165cc engines that could be mounted on a bicycle frame and sold a complete bike for $229


Eagle USA, 1913?
USA, Ecstasy Cycles makes Chevy V8 powered trikes
USA, eCycle plans to release limited numbers of their hybrid motorcycle in 2002. It uses a 219cc Yanmar diesel engine and an 8kW brushless electric motor drive. They are still designing their own 125cc engine. The bike is supposed to get 180mpg with a top speed of 80mph and acceleration of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds
USA, E.J. Edmond designed and built a motorcycle in 1899 using a DeDion engine, he later went to work at Auto-bi. Oscar Hedstrom from Indian motorcycles called Edmond a motorcycle pioneer
USA, 1913?, Electric
Electrobike USA, Electric mopeds
USA, 1907 - 1925, Emblem Manufacturing Co. Used Thor engines until about 1909 then built their own singles and V-twins up to 1255cc
Evans USA, 1919 - 1925, Evans Powercycle, was Cyclemotor
Excelsior USA, Excelsior Supply Co. started making motorcycles in Chicago in 1907 and was purchased by the Schwinn bicycle company in 1912. They made V-twin bikes up to 1000cc.


Feilbach Limited USA, 1904 - 1914, Used by the Milwaukee Police Dept.
Flanders USA, 1911 - 1914, Inline four engine? Had a v-twin in 1914
Fleming USA, 1900 - ? The Fleming Motor Vehicle Co. built engine kits for bicycles and produced a complete motorbike in 1901. Also sold as Ellis and Fleming and E&F
Flying Merkel
USA, 1901 - 1917, Was a small company started by Joseph Merkel in Milwaukee. Sold as Merkel until 1910. Some had 1000cc Thor engines. Bought by the Miami Cycle Co. around 1911?. Merkel left the business with the sale and went to Autoped in 1913


Gambler USA, Harley clones
USA, 1905 - 1906?, The Gearless Motorcycle Co. Shaft drive with a variable friction transmission
USA, Manufactured by the Geneva Bicycle and Steam Carriage Co. in Geneva Ohio in 1896. It was front wheel drive and had the steam engine over the front wheel


Harley Davidson If you're reading this page you already know.
USA, 1911? - ? The Harper Engineering Co. built and sold a 45 degree V-twin engine for motorcycles
Haverford USA, 1911 - 1924? Haverford Cycle Co.
USA, Oscar Hedstrom built his first motorcycles around 1898. They were tandem seat motorcycles that were used to pace bicycle races. Also called Henshaw-Hedstrom. He later went on to establish Indian with George Hendee
Was started in Detroit in 1912 by Tom W. Henderson and his brother William G. Henderson, who later started Ace Motorcycles. They built mostly inline four engines up to 1340cc and was sold to the Schwinn bicycle company in 1917 and then marketed by
Excelsior which was also purchased by Ignatz Schwinn. Both bros continued to work for Excelsior, Tom until 1917 and Bill until 1920 when he left to Start Ace Motorcycles. In May, 1922 at the Tacoma Speedway, here in Washington where I live, a rider named Wells Bennet set a new 24 hour endurance record of 1,562.54 miles on a stock Henderson De-Luxe. The depression started in 1929 and Schwinn stopped all production of both Excelsior and Henderson in 1931
Hemingway USA
USA, 1902 - 1905?, The name Glenn Curtiss used for the first motorcycles he made.
USA, 1906 - 1912? The A.H. Hilaman Co.
Holley USA, In 1897 George and Earl Holley a single-cylinder three-wheeler. They started the Holley Motor Co. in 1899 to build engines and then started producing motorcycles around 1901 using Holly engines on frames made by the Olive Wheel Co. but stopped making motorcycles in 1903. They bros also produced a few cars. Their fame, however came from carburetors. Who hasn't heard of a Holley Carb?
Hummer USA, 1948 - 1965, made by Harley Davidson, first called the model 125. Hummer is the name usually associated with this line of bikes which had several different models. It was a copy of a German DKW. BSA made the same bike and called it the Bantam. The design was taken by the allies after WWII


Imperial USA, 1902? - ?, Some had a 90 degree v-twin. They were made by American Cycle Manufacturing Co.
USA, Started in 1901 by George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom in Massachusetts. They battled with HD on the race track and in the marketplace. The company was taken over by a British company called Industrial USA, 1903, Syracuse, NY
Island Hopper USA, Manufacture fold up bicycles with electric or Tecumseh Viper 2 hp gas engines


JB Special USA, 1950? It's unclear if this motorcycle was built in the U.S. or was imported and rebadged by the Joe Berliner (Berliner Motor Corp.?) Berliner later Imported motorcycles built in Germany with Sachs engines and sold as Je-Be
Jefferson USA, 1913?
Jewel USA, 1908?

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