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Ridin' On Motorcycles~Crusin' In Cars

Motorcycles A~C


American Eagle USA, Harley style clones, was founded in 1995
American Iron Horse
USA, Harley style clones, S&S engines up to 113"
American Quantum
USA, Harley clones
American Rocket
USA, 1950's, Indian engine
USA, 1907-1911, Thor engines
USA, 1997, They make street legal flattrack type bikes using Yamaha 650 engines. They were AR Streetracker but are now called Robinson Streetracker
USA, 1957 - 1961, by C&E Manufacturing, small folding scooters
USA, 1905, St. Paul, MN - 1906-1913, Chicago. Singles & V-twins. Sold to AMC
USA, 1909 - 1914, Chicago
USA, 1912, made by the Auto Trading Co.
USA, Was a small electric motorcycle produced in the 1970's
USA, Iowa, made small engines used for motor bicycles
USA, Illinois, Aurora Automatic Machine Co built their own Thor motorcycle and sold parts to other companies that assembled them and sold them as American, Emblem, Light, Rambler, Racycle, Warwick, Thor-bred, Thoroughbred, Reading-Standard,
USA, 1868, Steam
USA, 1901 - 1909, made by E.R. Thomas in Buffalo, NY. Floyde Clymer had a dealership for them in Colorado at age 12. Thomas built the first prototypes around 1900 and they were called "Thomas". The company sold frames, engines, bicycle kits and complete Thomas motor bikes. They also had an Auto-tri and an Auto-quad. In 1908 they added the a bicycle kit called the Buffalo. In 1909 the Auto-bi name was replaced with Grayhound. In 1912 Glenn Curtiss took over Greyhound
USA, built by American Dirt Bike
USA, Makers of kit three wheelers using VW engines


Badger USA
Barber USA, 1904? Barber Special? Albert or William Barber? New York

USA, Sumpter Battey patented a rotary engine for a bicycle in 1895. It's not clear if any were built
Bayley Flyer
USA, 1914 - 1917
USA, 1900's, If any were made
Beard & Able USA

USA, 1913, an autocycle with a 323 cu in eight cylinder engine, resembled a two wheeled car with training wheels (outriggers) that retracted at speed, had a body w/doors and a motorcycle fender on the front wheel
USA, 1912 - 1914?, Four cylinders, The Ner-A-Car used many of the aspects the Bi-Car
Big Dog
USA, Wichita, Kansas Big Dog® Motorcycles L.L.C. manufactures a line of 5 HD Clone cruisers with retail prices ranging from $18,900 to $26,900. (1999)
Boar USA, Harley clones

USA, 1901 - 1903, The Boisselot Automobile and Special Gasoline Motor Company built engine kits for bicycles
Boss Hoss
USA, makes 1100 lb Chevrolet 350 cu. in. V8 powered bikes
Bourget USA, Harley clones, S&S engines up to 126 cu. in.

USA, 1905? The Bowman Automobile in New York, may have produced motorcycles
USA, 1901 - 1915? Thor engines
USA, 1905? Breeze Motor Company
USA, Eric Buell started putting Harley motors in roadrace type frames and selling them in the early 1980's.
Buffalo USA, 1981 - 1990, The Buffalo Motorcycle Works Corp produced several prototypes for testing with 500, 750 and 1000cc singles in them. And some prototypes with 90cu in. V-twins. The Corp was dissolved before production started

Butterfield (Willis 4) USA, Late 1960's early 1970's?, Butterfield owned Jacks M/C in Fresno California, a Ducati, MotoGuzzi , BMW Dealership, Willis worked with him in the mid 60's into the 70's. They built a complete motorcycle made to accept a 1500cc Volkswagen engine and used a BMW /2 transmission. The bike looked very much like a R60/2 BMW and was available as a kit or complete motorcycle. They are the best looking motorcycle I have seen that incorporated a VW engine. Apparently Butterfield and Willis had a falling out and a lengthy court battle ensued over the rights to the motorcycle and Willis won. Willis used a badge for them that said "Willis 4's" it resembled the BMW badge so closely that BMW threatened legal action.. Willis died shortly after. Approximately 100 were built. see picture


California USA, California Motor Company of San Francisco started in 1901, in 1903 the Consolidated Manufacturing Company in Toledo, Ohio, bought the rights to the California motorcycle and made the Yale California
Canda USA 1901?

Connecticut, USA, Started making bicycles in 1983. Made their first motoXer in 1999
Centaur USA,

USA, 1911 - 1917?, The Champion Motor Car Co. of St. Louis made a motorcycle much like the Militaire ( possibly under license from Militaire). It had a 1281cc inline four engine w/shaft drive
USA, Builds racing frames for Flattrack, TT, Speedway
USA, 1915 - 1929, Bought Reading Standard in 1922. Had a 996cc inline four in 1928
Cleveland USA, Harley clones

USA, North Lima, OH. Makes small motocross bikes for kids
USA, Chicago, 1911, produced a board track racer
USA, Harley Clones
Copeland Steam Motorcycle
United States, 1885. Lucius Copeland put a steam engine on a Star (large wheel in front, small wheel in back) bicycle in 1885. Around 1888 he built a steam tricycle using the same type of engine. The engine and boiler of the Copeland steamer are in the Arizona Museum at Phoenix
Crawford USA, 1912?, Michigan

USA, Crescent Auto Manufacturing produced a motorcycle engine in 1902. Western Wheel Works made the Crescent motorcycle in 1905 - 1906, I'm not sure if there is a connection
USA, 1936 - 1941, Al Crocker worked for both Thor and Indian, then bought an Indian Dealership in L.A. In 1933 he debuted his 30.5c.u. modified Indian Scout engines and put them in frames that he built. They were raced successfully on Speedway tracks until the end of the 1934 season when JAP engined bikes started to dominate. He then concentrated on building street machines and built, amongst others, an 80c.u. V-Twin cruiser
Crouch USA, 1905 - 1908, 32.5cu single, belt drive

USA, 1902 - 1911 or 1912, The G.H. Curtiss Manufacturing Co was started by Glenn Curtiss later of the Curtiss airplane fame. For the first few years they were called Hercules, then the name was changed to Curtiss in 1905?. Glenn Curtiss rode a V8 powered one to 136 MPH in 1907, setting a world speed record for land vehicles that would stand for 11 years. Even though they were producing 1000 bikes a year, Glenn's involvement with his company started to decline in 1909 when he decided to pursue airplane development. The company went through many hardships over the next few years as their production slowed. Another firm that he was a partner in, the Marvel Motorcycle Co. started in 1910 and continued to sell motorcycles badged as Marvel for a few years. He was involved in the end of the Grayhound Co., at the time of his involvement it seems that they were only producing sidecars
Cycles Delight USA, Harley clones

USA, The first Cyclone was introduced in 1912 or 1913 by the Joerns Motor Manufacturing Co. It had a 996cc overhead cam V-twin designed by Andrew Strand that did very well in racing competition, but the company was only in business from 1911 - 1915? - 1912 to 1917?
USA, Harley Clones
Cyril Huze USA, Harley Clones

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