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Twas the night before Christmas
                                    And I was uptight.
                                    There WAS something missing.
                                    Felt somethings not right.
                                    The holiday fluff was hung up with care.
                                    Retailers were glad.  For sales goals were there.
                                    I with my bottle.  Wife under stress.
                                    Guests were obnoxious.  A fine Christmas mess.
                                    With Christmas depression, I happen to spy.
                                    A dusty old Bible.  Without knowing why.
                                    Picked up the old book and turned to the story.
                                    Back to the time, of Christmass glory.
                                    The shepherds were watching their sheep in the night.
                                    And LO! Up above a WONDERFUL sight.
                                    The Angels were singing in GLORIOUS praise.
                                    A babe in a manger,  Wholl from sin mankind raise.
                                    And up in the sky.  Beholding afar.
                                    Oer mother and babe, a BRIGHT shining star.
                                    Leaving their flocks, to see that night.
                                    Our tiny Savior, Wholl set evil to flight.
                                    With tears in my eyes, I remembered the reason.
                                    This tiny child, was the cause for the season.
                                    I called out through the house.  And gathered my clan.
                                    And read from the Bible, so theyd understand.
                                    We sang that night.  We worshiped the King.
                                    And we felt the JOY, of what Christmas brings.
                                    We drew closer together.  Filled with His Light.

Merry Christmas to all. To all a Good Night.

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