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Twas the night before Christmas and everywhere
                                    The music of carols filled the air.
                                    Bright lights are shineing on the trees,
                                    Shoppers are busy as all can see.
                                    Gifts are wrapped in bright paper and bows,
                                    The whole world is frantic and it is beginning to show!
                                    Why all of this rushing? Why all of this fuss?
                                    For Christ came to earth to visit us!
                                    He came to die that we might live
                                    A greater gift of Love, one cannot give...
                                    Not wrapped in bows or paper fine,
                                    But came to earth in God's own time.
                                    So the greatest gift that we can give,
                                    Is Love to those who have no will,
                                    And to those we meet along life's way,
                                    Then it will be Christmas every day!
                                    Merry Christmas and May God's Gift of
                                    Love be Yours!

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