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Twas the night before christmas
                                    And all through the town,
                                    Every shelter was packed
                                    Not a bed to be found.
                                    Caesar's census sent folks
                                    To the town of their birth,
                                    So Caesar with taxes could
                                    Increase Rome's worth.
                                    On that cold, crystal night
                                    Into Bethlehem came
                                    Two tired people
                                    With their donkey the same.
                                    They had come very far,
                                    Many miles of road;
                                    But there were no beds
                                    For the weary and cold.
                                    Mary and Joseph,
                                    As they were known,
                                    Made a deal to sleep
                                    In a barn made of stone.
                                    During the night
                                    In the soft bed of hay;
                                    Baby Jesus was born,
                                    In the manger he lay
                                    Close by, men in the fields
                                    Guarding their sheep,
                                    Became fully awake,
                                    Some startled from sleep.
                                    ‘Cause all of a sudden, 
                                    With a brilliant flash, 
                                    An angel appeared
                                    Wearing white robe and sash. 
                                    "Have no fear!"
                                    The bright angel said, 
                                    "I bring you good news, 
                                    With nothing to dread."
                                    "Today down in Bethlehem, 
                                    In a dark little stable 
                                    The Savior's been born, 
                                    Get there quick as you're able."
                                    Then another brilliant flash,
                                    And the sky seemed to be seared;
                                    A great host of angels,
                                    Singing praises appeared.
                                    "Peace on earth 
                                    And mercy mild, 
                                    God and sinners 
                                    The angels disappeared
                                    And the shepherds hurried away.
                                    To see the baby that
                                    In a manger lay.
                                    While this was happ'ning,
                                    Far off from the East
                                    Wise men were coming with
                                    Treasures loaded on beasts.
                                    They came into Bethlehem
                                    And searched through the town,
                                    Until they found the stable
                                    Where they kneeled down.
                                    They offered God's son gifts
                                    Of gold, frankincense and myrrh;
                                    Then they told others what
                                    They'd seen and they'd heard.
                                    The first Christmas night
                                    So long ago,
                                    God sent us
                                    The greatest gift we'll ever know.


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