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Two weeks before Christmas, and all through
                                    the house, 
                                    everyone was stirring, even the mouse. 
                                    Calendars were hung with the utmost of care, 
                                    schedules were packed with gala affairs. 
                                    The children were adding their wants to their lists, 
                                    making quite certain their desires weren't missed. 
                                    And Mama and her VISA and I with my cash 
                                    had just planned our spending for this Christmas bash. 
                                    Then out from the ads there arose a clear calling, 
                                    I read through the papers to see prices were falling. 
                                    Away to the Mall I flew like a flash, 
                                    tore open my wallet and doled out the cash. 
                                    The glitter of tinsel in window displays 
                                    told us all to buy NOW, and dare not delay.  
                                    When what with my gaping eyes should I see 
                                    but a sale -- VCR's and color TV's. 
                                    With the power of  plastic, so easy and quick, 
                                    I knew in a moment this season was licked. 
                                    For who would deny that as soon as I'd pay, 
                                    I could promise my kin a bright holiday. 
                                    Now tinsel, now holly, now ribbons and wrappings!  
                                    Buy garlands, buy eggnog, buy all of the trappings.  
                                    To Hallmark and Sears, to the rest of the mall, 
                                    now charge away, charge away all! 
                                    While I finished buying the gifts for the clan, 
                                    the family continued their holiday plans. 
                                    Now off to their parties and programs they flew. 
                                    With Christmas approaching, there's so much to do! 
                                    And then in a twinkling, I had a quick thought, 
                                    while standing and gazing at each gift I'd bought; 
                                    the sweaters, the CD's, the football and phone, 
                                    Nintendo and Walkman, the clock for our home.  
                                    There's got to be more to this season called joy...
                                    Ah, yes, I remember -- the birth of a boy. 
                                    How soon we forget the real celebration; 
                                    God giving the gifts of love and salvation. 
                                    And so with the season comes possible danger, 
                                    of forgetting the wonder -- the Babe in the manger. 
                                    So let me proclaim, as we start to prepare, 

Jesus Is Born, Spread His Love Everywhere!

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