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Twas the night before Christmas and I was asleep
                                    The dogs they were barking, but I didn't hear a peep
                                    The children were snug in their silly little beds
                                    With thoughts of presents swirling through their heads
                                    The mrs. was wrapping the presents all night
                                    Hoping not to disturb us with all of her might
                                    Now it is morning and the children awake
                                    They have been good, for goodness sake
                                    Running down stairs they head for the tree
                                    To spy all their presents, from me and from thee
                                    You are sleeping so soundly on the carpeted floor
                                    When there comes a knocking at the front door
                                    A man with rags so withered and grey
                                    Wants a handout on this Christmas day
                                    You took him inside and fed him some ham
                                    He smiled oh so brightly, and said thank you mam
                                    You opened your wallet and gave him a five
                                    He is so happy, to just be alive
                                    Now we are singing and praising our Lord
                                    Thanking him so kindly, for what we could afford
                                    And there with us singing was that dear old man
                                    And a happier group, was not seen in all the land.
                                    Wayne Wastier  2001 

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