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1. Which FRIEND was most upset by annoying neighbor Mr. Heckles' death?

2. What is the name of Rachel's chiropractor?

3. Why did Ross kiss Rachel in high school?

4. In the episode where Ben was born, who agreed to marry each other when they were forty?

5. What actress played Cecilia Monroe?

6. What is the name of the place Ursula works?

7. What was the name of Joey's chair?

8. What was the playground nickname of the character played by Julia Roberts?

9. Who were the beneficiaries of Mr. Heckles estate?

10. What is Joey's mother's name?

11. Where did Ross meet Mona?

12. Who did Rachel see in the shower?

13.Phoebe goes to the dentist, despite the fact that every time she goes to the dentist, somebody dies. Who does she think she killed this time?

14. What does Chandler's mom say that shows how good a mother she was?

15. While Rachel was working for Bloomingdale's Chandler dated her boss Joanna how many times?

16. What was the name of the other guy Emily was seeing in England when she started dating Ross?

17. Rachel spoils the ending to a book that Joey is reading. What book?

18.When trying to get Janice to stay with him, Chandler steals her shoe. What color does Rachel have those same shoes in, according to Gunther?

19. On Friends, what was Phoebe's cop-boyfriend's name?

20. To cover for Rachel's sister, what item does Phoebe claim to have bought while shopping with Ross?

21. How much was Joey being paid for participating in a fertility study for two weeks?

22.What is the first word that Ben says to Ross?

23. What name was Joey given when he was a poster boy for the health clinic?

24. What is the name of the High School senior Monica had sex with?

25. When playing Spin the Bottle at Emily'sgoing away party, who kissed whom first?

26. How much did Frank and Alice pay to have their eggs implanted into Phoebe?

27. When Chandler wanted to 'go through the tunnel of commitment' with Janice, what gift did he give her?

28. Why didn't Rachel get her promotion?

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