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1. What does Grace do for a living?

A. Interior designer
B. Architect
C. Lawyer
D. Columnist

2. What is Jack's pet parrot's name?

A. Klaus
B. Guapo
C. Sydney
D. Polly

3. Who played the role of Grace's boyfriend Nathan who proposes to her in bed?

A. Woody Harrelson
B. Matt Damon
C. Patrick Dempsey
D. Neil Patrick Harris

4. Where is Karen's housekeeper Rosario from?

A. Columbia
B. Mexico
C. El Salvador
D. Cuba

5. When did Sean Hayes win his Emmy for his portrayal of Jack McFarland?

A. 1999
B. 2000
C. 2001
D. 2002

6. Where was Eric McCormack (Will) born and raised?

A. Toronto
B. New York City
C. Boston
D. Seattle

7. Who are Will and Grace's game-playing partners?

A. Nathan and Ellen
B. Harlin and Joe
C. Steve and Karen
D. Rob and Ellen

8. What was Karen's second husband's name?

A. Richard
B. Jack
C. Stan
D. Steven

9. Who did Jack marry at the end of the second season?

A. Grace
B. Rosario
C. Karen
D. Val

10. What is Jack's son's name?

A. George
B. Eric
C. Marshall
D. Elliot

11. Where did Jack and Grace take Will for his birthday in season one?

A. A carriage ride in Central Park
B. The hottest new gay bar
C. A 'Champions on Ice' show
D. A Cabaret dinner theater

12. Which morning show did Will and Jack kiss on?

A. Good Morning America
B. The Early Show
C. American Morning
D. The Today Show

13. Grace refuses to date a guy because she discovers he:

A. Has six toes on one foot
B. Has terminally bad breath
C. Starts spouting gay jokes right away
D. Works in a deli

14. What was Jack addicted to?

A. Karen's absolut cocktails
B. Caffeine
C. Watching the warehouse dance scene in "Footloose"
D. Reruns of the "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge"

15. Suzanne Pleshette plays which character's mother?

A. Will
B. Grace
C. Jack
D. Karen

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