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Date of birth: 11-12-58 – Los Angeles

Height 5' 4"

Spouse: Nick Offerman 6-26-1970

Married: 9-20-2003

Megan is an only child born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Martha, was a model. Her father, Carter, Jr., is a retired contract player for Paramount. Megan first entered Northwestern University intending to study acting, but switched to English literature. However, she still ended up starring in several campus musicals, which gained attention from producers and prompted her to drop out of school. In 1985 she moved to Los Angeles with no particular success. But in 1994 she co-starred in "Grease" with Rosie O'Donnell and in 1995 in "How To Succeed In Business" with Matthew Broderick. Her star has been rising ever since.


Lives in West Hollywood, California with her poodles, Willa and Elmo.
She is the lead singer in the LA band, The Supreme Music Program.
She recently starred in and directed an original performance art piece, The Sweetheart Break-In. The band released a CD of some of the songs in the show, called 'The Supreme Music Program: The Sweetheart Break-In'.
Graduated from Casady High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Megan's father, Carter Mullally Jr., was a contract player with Paramount in the 1950s. Her mother, Martha, is a former model.
Megan announced her engagement to actor Nick Offerman in September 2002.
Close friend is ER actress Laura Innes. The two met at Northwestern University in the late 70s and have been friends ever since.
She studied ballet and was a soloist with Oklahoma City's Ballet Oklahoma. She also studied at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet.
Auditioned for the role of Elaine on "Seinfeld" (1990). (According to the Seinfeld special, aired on 25 November 2004.)
Attended Northwestern University

Personal quotes

"It doesn't matter who you love, it's that you love."

Salary: Will & Grace 1998-$80,000/episode

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