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Will Truman-Eric McCormack

Eric McCormack, who plays attorney Will Truman, describes Will's sexuality: "Gay characters are often shown struggling with the issue of being gay. Will is past that voyage of discovery. He's content with his sexuality and has come to a point where he can relax and enjoy a wonderful day-to-day relationship with his best friend."

Season 1 - Invites Grace to move in
Season 2 - Will loses his business and begins working at Doucette and Stein
Season 3 - Briefly dates Matt
Season 4 - Will and Grace decide to have a baby
Season 5 - Baby plans are ruined by Leo
Season 6 - Will meets Vince
Season 7 - Will breaks up with Vince; makes Partner at work

Grace Adler-Debra Messing

As interior decorator Grace Adler, Debra Messing understands the unique bond of friendship that exists between Grace and Will: "Grace is very dedicated and disciplined when it comes to her professional life," says Messing. "But her personal life isn't nearly so together, and Will is her stabilizing force. She's a little neurotic, and she knows Will is the only person who understands her and can help her put things in perspective. But Grace is also a lot of fun, and her humor helps balance Will's more serious personality. They're the kind of best friends who know each other's history and can finish each other's sentences."

Season 1 - After breaking it off with Danny, Grace moves in with Will
Season 2 - Grace moves across the hall from Will into 9C; dates Josh; dates Will's boss, Ben
Season 3 - Grace moves back in with Will; Ben dumps Grace; dates Nathan
Season 4 - Breaks up with Nathan; Will and Grace decide to have a baby
Season 5 - Grace marries Leo and moves to Brooklyn
Season 6 - Leo goes to Cambodia
Season 7 - Grace divorces Leo and moves back in with Will

Jack McFarland-Sean Hayes

Eric McCormack and Debra Messing may be the stars of Will & Grace, but it's Sean Hayes who gets the biggest laughs as Will's flamboyantly bitchy pal Jack McFarland. "He's wacky, pretentious and bitter," Hayes says. "And when things are bad, he's there to make them worse." Jack has a pet parrot named Guapo and a dog named Klaus Von Puppy.

Season 1 - Creates his one-man show, Just Jack!
Season 2 - Having married Rosario, Jack moves into the Walker manse
Season 3 - Jack divorces Rosario, moves into Grace's old apartment; begins working at Banana Republic
Season 4 - Begins working at Barneys and spends time with son Elliot
Season 5 - Quits Barneys and becomes an acting teacher
Season 6 - Quits acting and becomes a student nurse
Season 7 - Becomes a dancer, then begins working as an exec Out TV

Karen Walker-Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally plays Karen, Grace's socialite assistant. Explaining what attracted her to the part, she says, "A lot of times the funniest characters are those who don't know that they've got it all wrong. Karen is completely confident that her way is the right way." Karen's rich husband's name is Stan and she has two step-children, Olivia and Mason, and a housekeeper named Rosario.

Season 1 - Becomes best friends with Jack
Season 2 - To keep Rosario in the country, Jack moves into Rosario's maids quarters
Season 3 - Beverley Leslie tries to steal Rosario away from Karen
Season 4 - Stanley arrested for tax evasion and sent to prison
Season 5 - Stan cheats with Lorraine Finster; Before Karen can divorce Stan, he dies and leaves her millions
Season 6 - Karen meets Lyle Finster
Season 7 - Scott Woolley tries to steal Karen's company, then date her

About the Show

Where does the show take place?
The series takes place in New York City, specifically Upper West Side Manhattan.

Where do Will and Jack live?

Will's apartment building is located at 155 Riverside Drive. Will lives in Apartment 9C. Jack lives in Apartment 9A (he is subletting from Grace; his rent is paid by his mom, Will, and Karen).

Where is Grace's office? What building is that?

Grace Adler Designs is located in the Puck Building at 295 Lafayette Street, south of Houston Street.

How old are Jack, Will, Grace, and Karen?

Jack was born in 1969 (making him 35 in 2004). Grace was 31 in 1998, so she was most likely born in 1967 (making her 37 in 2004). Grace states that Will was 36 in 2002, so he was probably born in 1966 (making him 38 in 2004). Karen was at least 42 in 2001, but no further details have been given.

Where is the show taped? The show is taped at the CBS Studio Center at Studio City, California.

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