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Answers: Will & Grace Quiz

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1. A-Grace is an interior designer.

2. B-Jack's pet parrot is named Guapo.

3. A-Woody Harrelson played Nathan. He popped the question to Grace in bed, but because it wasn't her ideal proposal she didn't accept. He later broke up with her.

4. C-Rosario is Karen's sharp-tounge housekeeper who matches Karen quip for quip.

5. Haynes has only won one Emmy, but has been nominated multiple times.

6. A-Canadian by birth, McCormack now lives in the US.

7. D-Will and Grace are very competitive and love beating Rob and Ellen.

8. C-Stan was extremely rich and Will was his lawyer.

9. B-Jack married Rosario so she could remain in the US.

10. D-Jack was apprehensive about being a father when he first found out about Elliot, but now loves being a dad.

11. C-Jack and Grace took Will to a 'Champions on Ice' show.

12. D-Jack and Will kissed on The Today Show.

13. A-Grace can't get over the fact a guy has six toes on one foot.

14. B-Jack was addicted to caffeine, but there are suspicions about the 'Footloose' scene.

15. D-Suzanne Pleshette plays Karen's mother.

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