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Biography for Eric McCormack

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Height 5' 11"

Spouse: Janet Holden (Canadian)

Married: 8-3-97

Eric was born in Toronto and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With the support of his parents (his father was also an aspiring actor), Eric spent three years at the prestigious Ryerson Theater School in Toronto and the Banff Center for the Arts, and went on to spend five seasons with Canada's Stratford Festival-he graduated 'lead' status in such stage classics as "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Henry V" and "The Three Sisters". Eric then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he also moved into television and movies and gained a devoted following of fans. Eric makes his home in both Vancouver and Los Angeles.


He became a US citizen, and now holds dual citizenship with the US and Canada.

A graduate for Ryerson University's School of Theatre (Toronto)

Son, Finnigan Holden McCormack, born 1 July 2002 in Los Angeles.

Sang both the American and Canadian national anthems at the 2004 NHL All Stars game in Minnesota.

Born on the same day as Conan O'Brien.

Attended John A. Macdonald high school in Scarborough, Canada; the same high school that Mike Myers went to.

Salary "Will & Grace" (1998) $250,000 per episode

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