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Birth name: Sean Patrick Hayes

Height: 5' 11"

Date of birth: 6-26-70 - Chicago
Sean grew up in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Illinois. His father, Ron, a lithographer, left him and his four siblings when Sean was a young child. Sean says he hasn't seen his father in more than 10 years. His mother, Mary, works at a food bank. Sean attended Illinois State University where he studied music and theatre. He supported himself through his college years by playing piano for voice lessons and working in community theater. He played a stint with the Second City comedy troupe and then became a musical director for a local theater. He grew tired of that after a while and in the spring of 1995, moved to LA. He got a "hellish" job at a restaurant. His first big break was landing a national tour with Kenny Rogers for a Christmas show. In 1997, he got a series of commercials that gained him attention and led to his eventual role on "Will & Grace" (1998).

Chicago-born, Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes is a talented musician as well as an actor. He supported himself as a classial pianist and performed in a pop band for five years while attending Illinois State University where he majored in performance and conducting. Hayes began his professional career in the Chicago theatre community, serving as musical director at the Pheasant Run Theater for several years, appearing in several productions as well. He also appeared in the original production of "Role Play" at the Organic Theatre. An alumnus of the famed Second City improvisational comedy group, Hayes also had gigs as a stand-up comic, performing at The Comedy Club in Los Angeles. While still in Chicago, Hayes won roles in television shows as well as the television movie A & P (1996), based on a story by John Updike, before landing the role which earned him an Emmy Award in 2001 - Jack McFarland on the hit NBC comedy series "Will & Grace" (1998). He has also been honored with a SAG Award, an American Comedy Award and a TV Guide Award as well as with two Golden Globe Nominations. Hayes made his feature film debut in 1998 in the title role of the art-house hit Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998) which won critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival. He most recently starred in the box-office hit Cats & Dogs (2001) for the Warner Bros Studios. Hayes makes his home in Los Angeles.


Attended Illinois State University in 1992, where he studied music and theatre.

As a teenager, Sean Hayes was an extra in Winona Ryder's first movie Lucas (1986) -- filmed at Sean's High School in Glen Ellyn, Ill.

Drives a Toyota Camry.

The first thing he bought after he made some money was a concert grand piano.

He saved a man's life in 2001. Courtney Cunninghan, 33, reported that two men stopped him near the driveway of his Los Angeles home, and then robbed him and shot him in the leg. Hayes who was driving in L.A.'s mid-Wilshire district when he noticed Cunningham lying in the street. The actor then pulled over to help the victim, ripping off his shirt and pressing it against Cunningham's wound to stop the bleeding. He then called 911 on his cell phone and waited for paramedics to arrive.

Born on the same day as actor Chris O'Donnell.

Close friends with actress Rosa Blasi; attended her wedding to Giants Fullback Jim Finn on February 14, 2004

Was listed as a potential nominee on the 2004 Razzie Award nominating ballot. He was suggested in the Worst Supporting Actor category for his performance in the film The Cat in the Hat (2003), however, he failed to receive a nomination.

Personal quotes

"When I came out of my mom's womb, I had 'sitcom' stamped on my forehead."

"Being an actor, the less people know about my personal life, the more open-minded they can be about each role I play".

"When you see me play Jack, I want you to believe that that's a gay character. After 'Will & Grace' is over, when I play a straight character, I want you to believe that, too." - Etcetera interview

"If you see a movie and I'm in it, and the first thing you think of is who I'm sleeping with, then you're not watching the performance; you're watching the personality."

Salary" Will & Grace 1998 $400,000./episode

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