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Biography for Debra Messing

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Birth name: Debra Moessing

Date of birth: 8-15-68 Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5' 8"
Spouse: Daniel Zelman (See Below)
Married: 9-3-2000


Graduated from Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts, USA).

Following undergraduate training, went on to earn Master's degree in drama from New York University.

Is severely allergic to flowers and perfumes.

Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.

Named TV Guide's "best dressed woman" in 2003

Was Rhode Island's Junior Miss in 1986.

Gave birth to a son, Roman Walker Zelman, in Los Angeles, weighing 5lbs 14oz. [April 7, 2004]

Beat Nicollette Sheridan for the role of Grace Adler in Will & Grace at the final auditions

Although her son Roman is not deaf, she has taught him a few words in sign language to make communication easier for him until he's more able to talk.

Like her character in "Will & Grace", she comes from a New York-based Jewish family.

Appeared with her "Will & Grace" (1998) co-star Shelley Morrison in an episode of "Prey" (1998): "Revelations". While Messing was a steady member of the cast, Morrison only had a guest-starring role.

She has owned 3 mansions in Hyde Park, Piccadilly Circus, and Belgravia in London, England since January 1, 1986.

Personal quotes

"He's the best human being I know, he makes me a better person every day. I'm never happier than when I'm with him." - Said about her husband Daniel in a Cosmopolitan interview: 2000.

"I can't imagine it being more sweet. You just hope that you will get the opportunity to do what you love and pay your bills, and that is being a success as an actor. The accolades - this is otherworldly. I have never allowed myself the ability to dream this far." - On winning her first Emmy

Salary: Will & Grace 1998 - $250,000/episode


Husband: Daniel Zelman
Date of birth: 1967


Became engaged to Debra Messing in 1998 after a seven year courtship.

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