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Movie Trivia of the 90s

1. On an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry cannot remember the name of a girl he is dating but he knows it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy. What was her name?





2. On Friends, Ross and Rachel had several fights over something Ross did while they were, in Ross's words, "On a break." What happened?

Ross got married in Las Vegas

Ross slept with Chloe, the girl at the Xerox store

Ross went to Vermont with Emily

Ross kissed one of his students

3. Which sitcom was the first to have an openly gay lead character?

Spin City

Mad About You


Will & Grace

4. What city did the Conners live in on Rosanne?

Dayton, Ohio

Harris, Pennsylvania

Detroit, Michigan

Lanford, Illinois

5. On Frasier, who is Niles in love with?





6. On Mad About You Paul and Jamie frequently ate at the same restaurant. Who was usually their waitress?




7. On Will & Grace, what was the name of Jack's original one-man show?

Jack 2000

Just Jack

Jack Attack

Jack Takes Manhattan

8. On The Nanny, how did Fran meet the Sheffields?

C.C. meets Fran at an art show and introduces her to Mr. Sheffield

Fran is the hairstylist for one of Mr. Sheffield's Broadway shows

Fran shows up on the Sheffields' doorstep selling cosmetics

Mr. Sheffield asks for directions in the bridal shop where Fran works

9. Which Spin City star played the original deputy mayor on the show?

Richard Kind

Michael J. Fox

Charlie Sheen

Heather Locklear

10. On Murphy Brown, Murphy had to constantly find a new:




11. On an episode of News Radio, Matthew is fired from the radio station and returns to his original profession. He was a:

Bike messenger


Hot dog vendor


12. On Married with Children, Al once said, "Bundys are ___, not ____."

"Bundys are liars, not squealers"

"Bundys are losers, not quitters."

"Bundys are winners, not cheaters."

"Bundys are perverts, not predators."

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