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Celebrity Name Game Quiz

1. Which rock legend's birth certificate bears the name Robert Allen Zimmerman?

Bob Dylan

Elton John

Paul Simon

Robert Plant

2. Before embarking on a Hollywood career, this thrice-wed Oscar winner changed his last name from Coppola to avoid coasting on his famous family's coattails:

Nicolas Cage

Al Pacino

Sean Penn

Robert De Niro

3. Which one of these uni-monikered performers wasn't born with the name we all know and love?




4. Which former soap star turned primetime leading lady was born Sally Ortiz?

Kelly Ripa

Amber Tamblyn

Eva Longoria

Vanessa Marcil

5. You may know the U2 frontman as Bono, but to his family he'll always be:

Salvatore Philip Bono

David Howell Evans

Gordon Matthew Sumner

Paul David Hewson

6. Which Kabbalah devotee -- who got creative when naming her own offspring -- grew up as Demetria Guynes?

Gwyneth Paltrow

Sharon Stone

Sandra Bernhard

Demi Moore

7. Which entertainer known for his shocking antics has the surprisingly square name Brian Warner?

Marilyn Manson

Ozzy Osbourne

Howard Stern


8. Born Mary Cathleen Collins, this gorgeous actress gets a 10 for her name change:

Bo Derek

Kate Capshaw

Mary Tyler Moore

Joan Collins

9. Which gam-orous pop singer, who once formed a musical duo with her husband, was born Anna Mae Bullock?

Tina Turner

Faith Hill

Patti Scialfa

10. Long before this supermodel landed on the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, she was just a normal gal who answered to the name Eleanor Gow:

Linda Evangelista

Elle MacPherson

Gisele Bundchen

Kate Moss

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