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  1. Peter Venkman/Bill Murray got slimed first.
  2. Good Morning Vietnam features Adrian Cronauer
  3. Back to the Future features a flux-capacitor as the method of time travel
  4. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (Buckaroo Banzai alone was fine) features John Lithgow. "Twilight Zone: The Movie" was suggested alot, but he isn't FROM another dimension, he's in an airplane with the gremlin on the wing ala William Shatner.
  5. Indiana Jones hated snakes, and said the catch-phrase in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark".
  6. Detroit, MI. He went to Beverly Hills to track down the killer of his friend.
  7. Die Hard featured John McClane
  8. Speed... "I feel the need, the need for Speed"
  9. When I came up with this question, I was thinking of Bender because I thought at one point in the film he stated his favorite part of school was breakfast. I re-watched the movie and discovered no one mentions breakfast (except of course in the infamous letter). So no one got it right, since the question wasn't properly asked because I'm on drugs (or everyone got it right, since no one gets credit for the answer).
  10. "Underpants" was the exact line, ("Girls Underpants!") but any derivative along that theme was correct.

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