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You might be a city cowboy if:

You buy your boots pre-worn.
You carry your boots more than they carry you.
The worst thing you ever got on your boots was gum.
You wear spurs because they're cool.
You don't like Wranglers because they're too tight and only Levi's will do.
The only place you wear your duster is to the mall or club.
You sometimes wear your hat backwards.
You keep your hat in the trunk of your car.
You don't take your hat off for the National Anthem.
You carry an umbrella to keep your hat dry.
You don't own a hat.
You went deer hunting and shot a horse.
You think a strawberry roan is a drink.
You think "can chasing" has something to do with drinking.
You think calf roping is type of restraint the police use.
You think a pig string is for pigs.
Your car would fit in the back of my truck.
The only lariat you have is one that you drive.
The rodeo you've ever experienced is a 4 wheel drive Isuzu.
You think PBR is public radio.
You really can't find anything funny about this list.

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