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Texan Lingo Translated So Yankees Will Understand

Texan Lingo Translated So Yankees Will Understand

a fur piece (measure of distance)

a spell (a short period of time)

a hoot and a holler (close, nearby)

Ah (A)

Ah mess of (unit of mass)

ain'tcha (aren't you - "Ain'tcha gonna ask me tew dance?")

all (oil)

auda do (should do)

auta (should - "Ah auta go tew work today, bur ah'm tew tared.")

Cheer (furniture used for setting.)

dadgumit (a word of exasperation)

ded (dead, not alive! - "he ded!")

Dern near (almost)

didjya ever? (have you ever?)

et (as in, "Ah et tew much Barbeque")

gotta skeedaddle lickety split (have to leave right now)

Mosey on down (go somewhere)

Plumb (totally)

goshdawg (Just a exclaimation!)

dawg (Four legged animal found on the or under the porch!)

dawggonnit (Exclaimation of frustration!)

High tail it (Go at a rapid speed!)

hollard (Spoke in a loud voice!)

Shootfire (of course)

shore 'nuff (sure enough)

skeeters and chiggers (annoying insects)

smackdab inda middlof (directly in the middle)

Zackly (precisely, "Ah ain't zackly shore where that ol' dawg is!")

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