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Deer Hunting Texas Style

Two cowboys were deer hunting and one of them shot a huge Boon & Crockett buck. After field dressing it , they each grabbed a antler and off they went dragging their prize. They were having a heck of a time pulling that old buck, when along came a sod-buster. When he saw the problems they were having, he suggested that they drag it by the hind legs, so that the horns would slip through the brush, and not hang up. So they did. After a while of making better progress than before one said to the other, " It sure is easier draggin this here deer by it's back legs like that feller said !" To which the other responded, " yea, but we're gettin further and further from the wagon!

Deer Hunting Texas Style -The Rest of the Story
These same two cowboys were out deer hunting, again, and they come across a set of tracks. One Texan says to the other Texan, "Those have got to be buffalo tracks." The second Texan says, "Hell no, buffalo in Texas make tracks way bigger than that, they gotta be moose tracks." To this the first Texan replies, "They ain't moose tracks. The moose in Texas make tracks a lot bigger than that, they gotta be elk tracks." The second Texan still doesn't agree with him so he says, "The elk of Texas make a track way bigger than that, there ain't no way that them are elk tracks." While both of the Texans were arguing about the origin of the animal that made these tracks, the train finally came a rumbling along and killed them both.

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