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It Might Have Been Me~ It Might Have Been You

You have heard lots of stories how cowboys behaved,

There are some of them reckless and some of them brave;

And some just plain waddies that worked with the crew.

Such as might have been me or they might have been you.

But the boys acted different I generally found,

If there chanced to be people hangin' round,

Then they did out alone where nobody could see.

Was it that way with you? It was that way with me.

On the round up a man with a hoss that would buck

Didn't seem to consider he'd met with bad luck.

While the boys helped him saddle he'd laff and he'd joke.

He would pull down his hat and he'd roll up a smoke.

His heart might be poundin' in under his shirt,

But he'd pull off the blind and he'd give him the quirt.

And he'd ride or git throwed like a real buckaroo.

Yes, that might have been me or it might have been you.

But out in a water lot somewhere alone

A boy trapped a fresh hoss, a big mean lookin' roan.

How gentle and easy he got in the saddle

Jest to see how he'd act when he once got a straddle.

He eases him around the corral on a walk

And gave him an earfull of kind gentle talk

He sure didn't hurry although it was late.

He slid off real careful and opened the gate.

He set about like he was ridin, on eggs.

And he felt him out light with the calves of his legs.

Yes he jest stole a ride fer the first mile or two.

Well, that might a been me and it might a been you.

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