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Cowboy Christmas

                       It's the night before Your birthday, Lord
                           'n I'm celebratin' the cowboy way
                           I'm thankful for all my blessin's, Lord
                           'n the way You died for me that day
                           This ol' boy's far from perfect
                           I give each day my all
                           Workin' hard to make a livin'
                           Farmin' the land with Paw
                           Workin' from sun-up 'til sundown
                           For my family I so dearly love
                           Workin' the land 'n the cattle
                     'Til the stars shine up above
                           I'm thankful for all my blessin's, Lord
                           My family, my house 'n my health
                           I'm thankful for the simple life
                           This cowboy don't need wealth
                           I'm blessed with much more than they eye can see
                           Ain't got no fancy car or clothes
                           But when it comes to the true meanin' of Christmas
                           It's only a true cowboy that knows

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