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Cowgirls Mottos, Quotes & Cute Stuff

  • "Party 'till he's Cute!"
  • "If Yew Don't Like Mah Apples Don't Shake Mah Tree!"
  • "American by birth, cowgirl by thuh grace of Gawd!"
  • "Are yew going tew kiss me or do ah have tew lie tew mah diary?"
  • "Other states were carved or born! TEXAS grew frum HIDE and HORN!"
  • "Boots, chaps and cowboy hats.. nothin' else matters!"
  • "Vegetarian" - another way of saying "lousy hunter"!
  • "If yer not making dust...yer eatin' mine!"
  • "If yew climb in thuh saddle be ready fer thuh ride!"
  • "Cowboys are like outhouses....All thuh good ones are taken and thuh rest are full of crap!"
  • "Put some excitement between yer legs.. ride ah horse!"
  • "There ain't ah horse that kain't be rode and there ain't ah cowboy that kain't be throwed."
  • "Ah woman needs two animals: Thuh horse of her dreams and ah jackass tew pay fer it."
  • "When in doubt, ask ah horse!"
  • "Thuh Joy of horses is not thuh riding, jumping, racing, showing or grooming, but of owning!!!"
  • "Ah horse ain't gonna care how much yew know until he knows how much yew care."
  • "Mah horse is very quick. Sometimes he's so quick he leaves me behind!"
  • "Mah husband told me tew sell my horse, are he was moving out. Ah miss him sometimes!"
  • "All men are not created equal; only thuh finest become cowboys!"
  • "All men are created equal - all cowgirls are created better!"
  • "Forget thuh knight in shining armour on ah white horse...Mah Prince is in washed-out Wranglers on ah thoroughbred!'
"So many cowboys, so little rope!"

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