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You Might Be A Cowboy If

If your horse trailer cost more than your house trailer, you might be a cowboy.

If you refer to your spurs as the family silver.

If you can jump from a moving horse on to the horns of a runaway steer and never lose your hat you might be a cowboy.

If your son is named after your prize bull.

If your bathtub is a stock tank.

If your horse brush is also your hairbrush you might be a cowboy.

If sleeping on the ground makes you feel rested..

If you refer to Saturday night as "bath night".

If you smell more like a horse than your horse does, you might be a cowboy.

If your idea of fun is being tied to a two-thousand pound, snot slinging, raging bull…you might be a cowboy.

If you do all your Christmas shopping at the feed and tack store.

If your favorite fragrance is "Leather" you might be a cowboy.

And last but not least, you know your a real cowboy if you give your word, shake on it, and stand behind it, no matter what.

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