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Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 1
Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 2
Answers: Music Quiz # 1
Answers: Music Quiz # 2
Answers: Song Lyrics Trivia Quiz
Answers: Music 1980s Quiz
Answers: Music In General Quiz
Answers: Music Lyrics Quiz
Answers: '80s Music Trivia Quiz

Name the artist and the song for each of the following song lyrics. 6 of these are taken from the refrains of popular songs. Most of these aren't in the search engines either, I checked.

  1. I just wanna have some kicks, I just wanna get some chicks.
  2. You're about as easy as a nuclear war.
  3. Because your kiss, your kiss I can't resist.
  4. Ain't no plans with a man, this is the eighties and Loc is down with the ladies.
  5. My life was fine, 'till she blew my mind.
  6. The politcs of oooh, feeling good.
  7. I might like you better if we slept together.
  8. The joker ain't the only fool, who'll do anything for you.
  9. Building castles in the sky.
  10. Relax. You're quite safe here.

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