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'80s Music Trivia Quiz
Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 1
Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 2
Answers: Music Quiz # 1
Answers: Music Quiz # 2
Answers: Song Lyrics Trivia Quiz
Answers: Music 1980s Quiz
Answers: Music In General Quiz
Answers: Music Lyrics Quiz
Answers: '80s Music Trivia Quiz

  1. Name the founding member of Duran Duran who produced Kajagoogoo's first album.
  2. What was Chris Hamill's stage name?
  3. Axl Rose was an anagram for what phrase?
  4. Which eighties album, that sold 20 million plus copies, featured Vincent Price?
  5. Which Aerosmith song was re-made by Run D.M.C.?
  6. Who sang the theme song to the "Breakfast Club"?
  7. What were the B-52's named after? (Hint, it's not a plane)
  8. Which eighties musician got sued by a music related company for using their name as part of his pseudonym?
  9. Chrissie Hynde was in which early eighties group?
  10. After The Fire made "Der Kommissar" popular, but which eighties musician performed it originally?

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