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Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 1
Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 2
Answers: Music Quiz # 1
Answers: Music Quiz # 2
Answers: Song Lyrics Trivia Quiz
Answers: Music 1980s Quiz
Answers: Music In General Quiz
Answers: Music Lyrics Quiz
Answers: '80s Music Trivia Quiz

  1. What was the mistake with Stonehenge in the heavy metal spoof starring "Lenny" from Laverne and Shirley?
  2. The video for which eighties song features nothing but 5 cheerleaders? (Name the artist too)
  3. What is the name of the lead singer for the Smiths?
  4. What style of dancing was popularized with rap music?
  5. What does LL Cool J.'s name stand for?
  6. Before she was a pop star, why was Samantha Fox in the British tabloids?
  7. What country is Men Without Hats originally from?
  8. Who was the eighties group that was named after the inventor of the radio?
  9. Name the female comedy star who once had a show on Fox, that had a pop hit in the early eighties.
  10. Which band member was Boy George allegedly  seeing in Culture Club during the eighties?

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