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'80s Music Trivia Quiz
Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 1
Answers: Music Trivia Quiz: Level 2
Answers: Music Quiz # 1
Answers: Music Quiz # 2
Answers: Song Lyrics Trivia Quiz
Answers: Music 1980s Quiz
Answers: Music In General Quiz
Answers: Music Lyrics Quiz
Answers: '80s Music Trivia Quiz

1. What band made this song lyric popular: "Tin roof ... rusted"?





2. Which singer made the tough girl image popular while singing the line, "I knew he must have been about seventeen"?

Pat Benatar

Debbie Harry

Wendy O. Williams

Joan Jett

3. "Eye of the Tiger" was the theme song for which movie character?


Col. John Matrix

Martin Riggs


4. Peter Cetera sang, "Like a night in shining armor, from a long time ago," in which song?

"No Explanation"

"Glory of Love"

"Daddy's Girl"

"Stay with Me

5. Tom Cruise grooved around his living room in his underpants to what song?

"I Think I'm in Love"

"Old Time Rock and Roll"

"Burning Down the House"

"Good-Bye to You"

6. Bryan Adams had a thing for which summer?


7. If you're "hungry like the wolf," you have an appetite like this double-named band:

Mr. Mister


Talk Talk

Duran Duran

8. Which band wanted to "know what love is"?





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