Infamous Texans

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Clyde Barrow (1909–1934), bank robber

Sam Bass (1851–1878), train robber and western icon

Mark David Chapman (b. 1955), murdered Beatle John Lennon

John Wesley Hardin (1853–1895), outlaw and gun-fighter, reputed to be "the meanest man alive"

John Hinckley, Jr. Attempted to assassinate President Reagan

David Koresh (1959–1993), self proclaimed messiah and head of Branch Davidian cult

Grady Little (1950–), baseball manager, nemesis of 2003 American League Championship Series by Red Sox fans

Bonnie Parker (1910–1934), bank robber

Richard Ramirez (b. 1960), serial killer

Soapy Smith (1860–1898), infamous confidence man of Round Rock, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas

Belle Starr (1848–1889), the Wild West's "bandit queen"

Pearl Starr (1868–1925), Belle's daughter and infamous Texas brothel owner

Charles "Tex" Watson (b. 1945), convicted murderer, former member of the Charles Manson "Family"