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Wes Anderson (b.1969), director Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin (b. 1964), professional wrestler, actor

Tex Avery (1908–1980), animator, cartoonist, director

Joe Don Baker (b. 1936), actor

Madge Bellamy (1899–1990), actress

Crystal Bernard (b. 1961), actress and singer

Alexis Bledel (b. 1981), actress, starred in Gilmore Girls

Dan Blocker (1928–1972), actor "Hoss Cartwright" on Bonanza

Powers Boothe (b. 1949), actor

Betty Buckley (b. 1947), actress

Brooke Burns (b. 1978), actress, model

Gary Busey (b. 1944), actor

Kate Capshaw (b. 1953), actress, married to Steven Spielberg

Cyd Charisse (b. 1921), actress, dancer

Ricardo Chavira (b. 1971), actor, "Carlos Solis" on Desperate Housewives

Thomas Haden Church (b. 1961), Academy Award-nominated actor

Dabney Coleman (b. 1932), actor

Barry Corbin (b. 1940), actor

Joan Crawford (1908–1977), actress

Michael Dorn (b. 1952), star of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Haylie Duff (b. 1985), actress

Sandy Duncan (b. 1946), actress, singer

Shelley Duvall (b. 1949), actress, played Olive Oyl in the film Popeye

Shannon Elizabeth (b. 1973), actress

Ron Ely (b. 1938), actor Tarzan

Dale Evans (1912–2001), actress, singer-songwriter, married to Roy Rogers

Morgan Fairchild (b. 1950), actress

Farrah Fawcett (b. 1947), actress

Horton Foote (b. 1916), two-time Academy Award-winning actor

Jamie Foxx (b. 1967) Academy Award-winning actor

Jennifer Garner (b. 1972), actress, star of Alias

Summer Glau (b. 1981), dancer & actress Firefly

Sarah Hagan (b. 1984), actress

Larry Hagman (b. 1931), actor, son of actress Mary Martin

Irma P. Hall (b. 1935), actress

Jerry Hall (b. 1956), model, actress, former wife of Mick Jagger

Angie Harmon (b. 1972), actress

Woody Harrelson (b. 1961), actor

Ethan Hawke (b. 1970), actor

Katherine Helmond (b. 1928), actress

Jennifer Love Hewitt (b. 1979), actress

John Hillerman, (b. 1932), actor, played the English Major domo "Higgins" on Magnum P.I.

Jordan Hinson (b. 1991), actress

Tobe Hooper, (b. 1943), director The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist, 'Salem's Lot

Carolyn Jones (1929–1983), actress, best known as "Morticia" in The Addams Family

Tommy Lee Jones (b. 1946), actor

Mike Judge (b. 1962), producer, animator and actor

Kris Kristofferson (b. 1936), actor, singer, songwriter

Richard Linklater (b. 1961), director Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, School of Rock, A Scanner Darkly

Eva Longoria (b. 1975), actress

Terrence Malick (b. 1943), director Badlands, Days of Heaven

Mary Martin (1913–1990), actress, mother of actor Larry Hagman

John D. Mata (b. 1983) actor, The Guardian

Tim McCanlies (b. 1963) screenwriter, director

Matthew McConaughey (b. 1969), actor

George McFarland (1928–1993), actor played "Spanky" in the Our Gang comedies, AKA The Little Rascals

Ben McKenzie (b. 1978), actor The O.C.

Ann Miller (1923–2004), actress, dancer

Audie Murphy (1924–1971), actor, World War II hero

Renee O'Connor (b. 1971) actress

Annette O'Toole (b. 1955), dancer, actress

Bill Paxton (b. 1955), actor Titanic

Dennis Quaid (b. 1954), actor

Randy Quaid (b. 1950), actor

Phylicia Rashad (b. 1948), actress

Debbie Reynolds (b. 1932), actress, mother of Carrie Fisher

Gene Roddenberry (1921–1991), Star Trek creator, writer, director, producer

Michelle Rodriguez (b. 1978), actress Lost

Robert Rodriguez (b. 1968), director, producer, writer, composer

Henry Roquemore (1886 - 1943), actor

Irene Ryan (1902–1973), actress "Granny" on The Beverly Hillbillies

Ann Sheridan (1915–1967), actress

Anna Nicole Smith (b. 1967), model, actress

Jaclyn Smith (b. 1947), actress, starred in Charlie's Angels

Sissy Spacek (b. 1949), actress, cousin of Rip Torn

Brent Spiner (b. 1949), actor, star of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Nick Stahl (b. 1979), actor

Patrick Swayze (b. 1952), actor

Sharon Tate (1943–1969), actress

Henry Thomas (b. 1971), actor E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, musician

Rip Torn (b. 1931), actor, cousin of Sissy Spacek

Tommy Tune (b. 1939), Broadway director, choreographer

Ricky Vargas (b. 1983) actor, The Guardian

King Vidor (1894–1982), film director, producer

Isaiah Washington (b. 1963), actor

JoBeth Williams (b. 1948), actress

Van Williams (b. 1934), actor

Chill Wills (1903–1978), actor, singer

Dooley Wilson (1886–1953), actor, singer, played "Sam" in Casablanca

Luke Wilson (b. 1971), actor

Owen Wilson (b. 1968), actor

Forest Whitaker (b. 1961), actor

Robin Wright Penn (b. 1966), actress, married to Sean Penn

Renée Zellweger (b. 1969), actress

Lisa Whelchel (b. 1963), actress, author


Carol Burnett (b. 1933), comedian, actor

Steve Martin (b. 1945), comedian, actor

Kinky Friedman (b. 1944), comedian, novelist, politician


Dimebag Darrell Abbott (1966–2004), musician

Vinnie Paul Abbott (b. 1964), musician

Terry Allen (b. 1943), musician

Jerry Allison (b. 1939), musician

Gene Autry (1907–1998), country music singer

Erykah Badu (b. 1971), R&B and hip hop singer

Marcia Ball (b. 1949]]), blues singer

Frank Beard (b. 1949), drummer in ZZ Top

Rex Brown( b.1964) musician

Win Butler lead singer of Canadian indie-rock band The Arcade Fire

William Butler member of The Arcade Fire

Boxcar Willie (1931–1999), country singer

Edie Brickell (b. 1966), singer – married to Paul Simon

Ryan Cabrera(b. 1982),singer/songwriter

Tevin Campbell (b. 1976), musician

Vikki Carr (b. 1941), jazz, pop, country and Latin music singer

Nanci Griffith (b. 1953) Singer / Songwriter

Chamillionaire (b. 1979), rapper

Kelly Clarkson (b. 1982), singer, American Idol winner

Van Cliburn (b. 1934), famous pianist (born in Louisiana, raised in Texas)

Ornette Coleman (b. 1930), jazz musician

Albert Collins (1932–1993), blues musician

Christopher Cross (b. 1951), singer

Mac Davis (b. 1942), musician

Hilary Duff (b. 1987), singer

Steve Earle (b. 1955), singer-songwriter, musician,

Danny Elfman (b. 1953), musician, composer

Ralna English (b. 1942), singer from The Lawrence Welk Show

Freddy Fender (b. 1937), musician

Azure Flame (b. 1976, a.k.a. Catherine Provenza), singer, musician, composer

Kinky Friedman (b. 1944), singer-songwriter, novelist, columnist, candidate for governor of Texas

Lefty Frizzell (1928–1975), country singer

Bobby Fuller (1942–1966), rock singer and guitarist

Justin Furstenfeld, (b. 1975), rock singer and guitarist

Kyle Gann (b. 1955), composer and music critic

Larry Gatlin (b. 1948), singer-songwriter, member of The Gatlin Brothers

Billy Gibbons (b. 1950), guitarist in ZZ Top

Keith Grimwood (bassist in Trout Fishing in America)

Jimmie Dale Gilmore, (b. 1945), singer-songwriter

Gibby Haynes (b. 1957), lead singer of The Butthole Surfers

Don Henley (b. 1947), musician with rock group the Eagles

Dusty Hill (b. 1945), bass guitarist in ZZ Top

Buddy Holly (1936–1959), singer-songwriter

Ezra Idlet (guitarist, Trout Fishing in America)

Waylon Jennings (1937–2002), country singer

Flaco Jiménez (b. 1939), musician

Mike Jones (b. 1981), rapper

Norah Jones (b. 1979, soul/folk singer-songwriter, born in New York City but raised in Texas

Tom Jones (b. 1928), lyricist of musical theater

Janis Joplin (1943–1970), singer

Scott Joplin (c.1867–1917), ragtime musician and composer

Robert Earl Keen (b. 1957), singer-songwriter

Beyoncé Knowles (b. 1981), R&B singer, actress

Kris Kristofferson (b. 1936), singer-songwriter, actor

Miranda Lambert (b. 1983) , singer/songwriter

Mance Lipscomb (1895–1976), Blues singer, guitarist

Trini Lopez (b. 1937), Hispanic musician, singer

Lyle Lovett (b. 1957), singer-songwriter

Will Makar (b.1989), singer, born and raised in The Woodlands/Houston.

Lloyd Maines (b. 1951), musician, producer

Natalie Maines (b. 1974), musician

Barbara Mandrell (b. 1948), country singer

Johnny Mathis (b. 1935), singer

Meat Loaf (b. 1951), singer, actor

Roger Miller (1936–1992), singer-songwriter

Nelly (b. 1978), rapper

Willie Nelson (b. 1933), country singer-songwriter

Michael Nesmith (b. 1942), singer with The Monkees

Roy Orbison (1936–1988), singer-songwriter

Buck Owens (b. 1929), country singer

Billy Preston (b. 1946), soul musician

Ray Price (b. 1926), country singer

Catherine Provenza (a.k.a. Azure Flame) (b. 1976), musician, composer

Selena Quintanilla (1971–1995), singer

J.P. (The Big Bopper) Richardson (1930–1959), singer

Tex Ritter (1905–1974), singer/ actor, father of actor John Ritter

Kenny Rogers (b. 1938), country singer-songwriter

Scarface (b. 1970), rapper

Michelle Shocked (b. 1962), singer-songwriter, musician,

Ashlee Simpson (b. 1984), singer

Jessica Simpson (b. 1980), singer

Slim Thug, rapper

Stephen Stills (b. 1945), singer-songwriter Crosby, Stills & Nash

George Strait (b. 1952), country singer

B. J. Thomas (b. 1942), country singer-songwriter

Ernest Tubb (1914–1984), country singer-songwriter

Tanya Tucker (b. 1958), country singer

Vanilla Ice (b. 1968), rapper

Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954–1990), musician

Paul Wall, rapper

Barry White (1944–2003), soul singer and record producer

Bob Wills (1905–1975), country singer with The Texas Playboys

Johnny Winter (b. 1944), blues guitarist

Lisa Morales, musician

Roberta Morales, musician


Walter Cronkite (b. 1916), former CBS Evening News anchor, born in Missouri raised in Texas

Sam Donaldson (b. 1934), ABC News reporter

John Henry Faulk (1913–1990), storyteller and radio broadcaster

Phil McGraw (b. 1950), television psychologist

Kay Panabaker (b. 1990), television actress

Gary Perkins (1937–1991), radio broadcaster

Dan Rather (b. 1931), former CBS Evening News anchor

Bob Schieffer (b. 1937), CBS Evening News anchor

Aaron Spelling (b. 1923), TV producer

Miss America/ Miss USA Pageant Winners

Shirley Cothran (b. 1955), Miss America 1975

Jo-Carroll Dennison (b. 1923), Miss America 1942

Christy Fichtner (b. 1963?), Miss USA 1986

Phyllis George (b. 1949), Miss America 1971

Courtney Gibbs (b. 1966), Miss USA 1988

Kandace Krueger (b. 1977?), Miss USA 2001

Laura Martinez-Harring (b. 1964), Miss USA 1985

Gretchen Polhemus (b. 1966?), Miss USA 1989

Michelle Royer (b. 1966?), Miss USA 1987

Chelsi Smith (b. 1974?), Miss USA 1995 and Miss Universe 1995

Kimberly Tomes (b. 1956?), Miss USA 1977