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Red Adair (1915–2004), offshore oil field firefighter

Mary Kay Ash (1918–2001), businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Michael Dell (b. 1965), founder of Dell Inc.

Tom Ford (b. 1961), fashion designer, former chief director of Gucci

Pattillo Higgins (1863-1955), oil pioneer and businessman, known as the "Prophet of Spindletop"

Howard Hughes (1905–1976), Aviator, filmaker, eccentric billionaire

John Henry Kirby (1860-1940), businessman, founder of the Kirby Petroleum Company

William Johnson McDonald (1844–1926), banker, philanthropist

Ross Perot (b. 1930), entrepreneur, founder of EDS & Perot Systems, and 1992 U.S. Presidential candidate

Tex Thornton (1913–1981), founder of Litton Industries