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Denton Cooley (b. 1920), pioneering heart surgeon

Michael E. DeBakey (b. 1908), pioneering heart surgeon

Chu Ching-wu, physicist

Robert Dennard (b. 1932), computer scientist and inventor

Bryce DeWitt, physicist, co-developed Wheeler-DeWitt equation ("wave function of the Universe")

Leonard Eugene Dickson, mathematician

G.B. Halsted, mathematician

M. King Hubbert (1903–1989), geophysicist

Jack Kilby, electrical engineer

Hermann Joseph Muller, geneticist, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Ilya Prigogine, physicist and chemist, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

John Tate, mathematician, Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Beatrice Tinsley, astronomer

Karen Uhlenbeck, mathematician, National Medal of Science

Harry Vandiver, mathematician

Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics

Spencer Wells, geneticist and anthropologist

John A. Wheeler, physicist, Wolf Prize in Physics, coined the term 'black hole'