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William Anders (b. 1933), Apollo program astronaut

Alan Bean (b. 1932), astronaut

Kenneth Cockrell (b. 1950), astronaut

Bessie "Queen Bess" Coleman (1892–1926), first African American female aviator

Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan (1907–1995), aviator

John Oliver Creighton (b. 1943), astronaut

Howard Hughes (1905–1976), billionaire playboy, entrepreneur and aviation pioneer

Richard Mullane (b. 1945) astronaut

Wiley Post (1898–1935), first pilot to fly solo around the world

Edward White (1930–1967), first American astronaut to walk in space

Jeana Yeager (b. 1952), broke distance records during her (and Dick Rutan's) nonstop flight around the world in the experimental Voyager airplane in 1986