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* At the beginning of each show, the Characters make an entrance onto the set, with Moe nowhere to be found. Children are asked to help find Moe's hiding place.

* Each episode, a mysterious rope appears dangling in front of Moe, who cannot resist pulling it. This invariably results in his being doused with water. "Don't Pull the Rope" has become a branding slogan for the show, as well as the name of their website.

* DeeDee takes great pleasure in annoying "Mudge", a puppet that lives in her dressing room, with knock-knock jokes that Mudge never gets.

* Mazz begins each Doodlebops concert with a rhyming introduction of the band.

* Mazz always enters the clubhouse singing and speaking in rhyme, and departs with "See you later, Alligator" which draws the reply "After a while, Crocodile" from the others.

* Every episode, the Characters recite the Doodlebop pledge in unison:

'''We promise to share, we promise to care, all together as a team. Just stick to it, we can do it, we can do anything. Stand tall, say it loud, we're together and we're proud. DeeDee, Rooney, Moe. Yeah - We're The Doodlebops!'''

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