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There's a serious side to Deedee Doodle
Lennox stars in popular children's show

Chris Clay Oct 6, 2005

Her delicate voice and elfin features make Mississauga actor Lisa Lennox the perfect choice for the role of Deedee Doodle.

Lennox, 23, stars as Deedee on the popular children's television program, The Doodlebops. It airs weekday mornings at 10 a.m. on the CBC.

Lennox, who was back in town recently at the Living Arts Centre to film an upcoming episode of the show, said the role of Deedee pretty much fell into her lap.

"Show business is really all about who you know," said Lennox. "I worked with (show choreographer) David Connolly at Sheridan College and he invited me down to (audition). Three weeks later I had the job and I'm so excited I got it."

On the show, Lennox is joined by bandmates Moe and Rooney and together, the three make music as The Doodlebops. Through music, the band attempts to entertain while at the same time educating their young audience.

Working with children is something Lennox takes quite seriously.

"I used to be a camp counselor so I'm used to being around children," said Lennox, adding she hopes to become a music teacher one day. "Kids are an open slate and I just love their passion and energy. At our shows, the kids scream our names, do the dances and sing the songs. I just love it. Plus, each day at work, I get to be a kid myself."

As a teenager, Lennox got used to performing for other youth as a singer in The Groove Club, a collection of child vocalists that covered popular music. Think the Mini-Pops.

Following a brief stint as a pseudo pop star, Lennox moved on to Sheridan College where she studied theatre. Two years in she left after being offered a role in The Charlottetown Festival's seminal production of Anne Of Green Gables.

After a successful run down east, Lennox returned to college and secured her diploma before heading back to the Atlantic coast, this time to perform as Anne's best friend, Diana Berry.

"To get such a prestigious character I was really lucky," said Lennox. "I loved my time out there. I got a few more newspaper reviews and got to spend some time in the limelight."

With the first season of The Doodlebops coming to a close, the second season will debut in December. The show airs on the Disney Channel in the United States.

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