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Wiggle Friends


Captain Feathersword

Captain Feathersword is the friendly pirate, also referred to as the 5th Wiggle. His Magic Buttons are a fan favorite, and often cause the Captain to sing opera, rock or other music types. The buttons can also cause the Captain to sound like various animals, or imitate various objects. Captain Feathersword is also known for carrying a Feather Sword, and wearing a feather in his pirate hat.

Paul Paddick has played Captain Feathersword since Dance Party.

Born: February 16, 1967

Paul has played Captain Feathersword since 1995, and is wonderful in that character. Paul has a wonderful array of voices and comedic talent to satisfy all Captain Feathersword lovers. The Magic Buttons on his jacket bring Paul to life in many different ways, and his falsetto voice appears often when the Magic Buttons are in use. His musical talent, and dancing talent are equally amazing. He is also incredibly talented at doing imitations of famous people. Yes, Paul Paddick is the perfect Captain Feathersword!

Paul graduated from the school of Western Australia Performing Arts.

Paul Paddick married Charmaine Martin, who played Pirate Charlie in several Wiggles episodes a few years ago, in March of 2004. They have no children at this time

Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy is a rose eating, dancing, and singing Dinosaur. Being very popular she has her own videos and concert tours in Australia. Dorothy's birthday is November 3rd and the Wiggles always throw her a party.

Some of the Actors that have played Dorothy:
Leeanne Ashley Cathy Mete Corinne O'Rafferty Emma Buter

Henry the Octopus

Henry is a purple fun-loving well dressed Octopus. Henry is the leader of the 'Underwater Big Band'

Some of the Actors that have played Henry
Elisha Burke Reem Hanwell Katherine Patrick Leanne Halloran Donna Halloran Vanessa Fallon-Rohanna

Wags the Dog

Wags is the only Wiggle character that does not talk. Unless you call barking talking. But he, along with the Waggets, love to dance.

Some of the Actors that have played Wags
Andrew McCourt Kristy Talbot Edward Rooke Alex Harfield Jacqueline Field

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