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January 2005 began a fast roller coaster ride of fame for the energetic Doodlebops, who simply started in Canada to the delight of preschoolers throughout the country. Just a few short months later, they were ready for fame and fortune in the USA, with near future plans to be shown in Europe as well.

On April 11, 2005 the Doodlebops invaded America, via the Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney morning block of television shows. This arrival was much anticipated by the toddler set, who had seen the commercials about this new show for the two weeks prior to its actual arrival. Acquiring the time slot right before that other much loved sing and dance group, the Wiggles, the Doodlebops seem poised for a rapid take over in households with children aged 2 to 5. The Doodlebops were inspired by another well-loved band, this one for the older set, called the Monkees. Using music and comedy to teach children and provide an entertaining television show.

The Doodlebops are three colorful people with a very catchy theme song. A girl named DeeDee Doodle, and two boys, Moe and Rooney Doodle. Each of the Doodlebops has their own color, with DeeDee being pink and purple, Moe is orange and red, and Rooney is Blue. Even the Doodlebops hair is the color they are known for.

Each episode imparts a subtle message for children, such as practice makes perfect, don't be afraid to try something, and other messages important for children to learn. The purpose of the show is also to help young preschoolers with language development. In addition to the lesson, there are several other parts of each episode that are repeated daily. Moe plays hide and seek at the beginning of each show. Later, Moe will always pull the rope and get soaked. Mazz will enter with an upbeat song, speaking in rhyme, and leaving with the words "See you later alligator" in which the Doodlebops then enter the obligatory "After while crocodile". They also do the Doodlebop pledge during each episode, get on the Bus, usually singing a shortened version of the song with that name, and end in concert format with their goodbye theme song after DeeDee tells a knock- knock joke to Mudge, a talking puppet.

While it may seem that each show is identical to the other, which really is not the case. The shows all have a different theme, which is mixed in with the standard skits and music. The songs are fun, and the Doodlebops have great voices. The Doodlebops themselves are from Canada, and produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment. The move to the Disney Channel should be very profitable for this group who has suddenly taken over my own household.

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