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Redcoat Dancers


Larissa Wright

Larissa is one of the Red Coat Dancers seen in The Wiggles videos. In addition to being a dancer, she also plays Henry the Octopus at times.

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Larissa began dancing when she was just 3 years old with the Halloran School of Dance. Learning Irish, ballet, tap and jazz dancing, Larissa was quite accomplished at a rather young age, earning second place in an Irish Dance Competition when she was 16.

Larissa actually began her career with The Wiggles at an early age, when she became a child dancer for one of their early videos.

In addition to her work with The Wiggles, Larissa has also done a few other dancing projects. One, as a dancer in Haste to the Wedding, which was a theatrical show that was produced by Anthony and Paul Field, the Blue Wiggle and The Wiggles General Manager. She has also done a K-mart commercial, has danced in Australia for Australia Fashion Week, and has had some parts in short films and movies.

While Larissa Wright will no longer be touring with The Wiggles, she will continue to do shows and videos, so will not be leaving them (or us) completely.

Videos Larissa Wright appears in
Wiggle Bay Cold Spaghetti Western Top of the Tots Wiggly Safari Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins Santa's Rockin! Wiggly Wiggly Christmas (Feliz Navidad Dancer) Yule Be Wiggling (as a reindeer) Toot Toot! (as a dancer)


Dewayne Hambrick

Dewayne has not been a dancer all his life, but sure looks like he has! Born in Memphis Tennessee, he did not start dancing until two years after he moved to Salt Lake City at the age of 14. The Bulter Dance Academy in Utah is where he got his start in dance, and even did the pilot for the television show Kids Inc. Before meeting the Wiggles, Dewayne was already an accomplished dancer, with a lengthy resume.

As a dancer, Dewayne has done several musicals, including A Chorus Line, Cats, and Oklahoma among others. He has also taught creative movement to the physically handicapped. His resume also includes choreography, after he choreographed a tour, and a video clip for the Osmonds.

Dewayne spent time with another well-loved children's show star, Barney, the purple dinosaur, as a dancer for five years. Since meeting The Wiggles after he moved to Florida, his life has changed completely, and he became on of the well-loved Wiggles dancers!

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Ryan De Saulnier

Ryan joined in 2001 for their tour known as The Big Show, which was performed in Australia, and is still with them as one of the well-known Red Coat Dancers.

Ryan was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and in his 20's moved to Toronto to pursue a career as a dancer, actor, and singer. After getting married in 1999, he and his wife Carolyn (an Australian native) moved to Sydney, and performed in the closing ceremonies for the 2000 Olympics.

After doing the voice of the computer in Space Dancing, Ryan had to leave The Wiggles for a short time because of a previous commitment to do Man of La Mancha live in Melbourne. He returned to The Wiggles in 2003 where America first saw him on the video for Top of the Tots.

In addition to being a dancer for The Wiggles, he is also the understudy for them, and was thrilled the first time he got to sing Hot Potato with the Wiggles!

Videos Ryan De Saulnier appears in
Top of the Tots Space Dancing (Ships Computer)


Kristy Talbot

Kristy began her training as a dancer at the age of four. After graduating from the Queensland Dance School of Excellence she performed at Jupiters Casino and Warner Bros. Movie World. In 2000 Kristy graduated from the Brent Street School of Performing Arts.

Kristy now works as both a choreographer as well as a performer. Her career highlights (other than The Wiggles) include the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Videos Kristy Talbot appears in
Wiggle Bay (Henry the Octopus) Cold Spaghetti Western (Wags the Dog) Santa's Rockin! (Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus) Top of the Tots (Wags the Dog, Dancer) Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! (Wags the Dog)


Ben Murray

Ben began singing and dancing at the young age of four years old. He enjoyed performing at Disneyland and Disneyworld, in addition to shows and parades elsewhere. In addition to the videos he has done with The Wiggles, he has also performed frequently on the television show Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!, which appears on the Disney channel during the morning hours of Playhouse Disney.

Ben also tours with the Dorothy the Dinosaur show playing Captain Feathersword.

For those of you who are at the August Wiggles concerts, Ben's birthday is August 26th

Videos Ben Murray appears in
Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! Wiggly Safari Wiggle Bay Santa's Rockin! Yule Be Wiggling (as a reindeer) Wiggly Play Time (As a dancer) Wiggly Wiggly World (as a dancer)


Brett Clarke

Brett began as an entertainer by performing as a principal singer, dancer and actor at Australia's Wonderland 1988. Since then Brett has toured the South Pacific, Indonesia and Japan as part of the on-board entertainment teams of such passenger cruise liners as P&O Fairstar, The Norwegian Star, Mitsu OSK and Awani Dream 1&2. Brett returned to Australia and joined the cast of KAOS Comedy restaurants, as the Show Director, costume designer and adding Stand Up Comedy to his list of many talents.

In 2004 Brett hosted the Dorothy The Dinosaur Show in the USA as well as performed in several of the Wiggle's videos. Brett toured with The Wiggles in 2004 and performed as Captain Feathersword in Denver while Paul Paddick was on his honeymoon.

Videos Brett Clarke appears in
Cold Spaghetti Western Santa's Rockin!

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