Characteristics of the Classic Southern Pick-up Truck
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Rarely washed, never totally clean

Always travels below the speed limit unless on a dirt road

No camper shell or bed liner

Truck bed often contains: bale of hay, baling wire, empty oil cans, cinder blocks, old tire, rusted tools, rope, chain, and one or more ugly dogs

Truck body carries two or more good-sized dents; very intimidating to small cars, which usually give it a wide berth

Gun rack on rear window containing one or more of the following: shotgun, umbrella, whip, cattle prod, baseball bat, or cowboy hat

Muffler that rarely muffles anything

Accessories: ball trailer hitch, mud flaps, running boards, running lights, and fuzzy dice on the rearview mirror

Styrofoam cup on the dashboard for spitting tobacco

No carpet on floor (especially when this is the preferred spitting target)

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