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"Tacky" - a common word used most often by Southern women describing someone's behavior or appearance.

Look at those tacky clothes she wore to the funeral.
It's just too tacky to talk about.

Southerners who have " gone back on your raisin' " (i.e.- denied their heritage)

Actor George Hamilton was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He's now considered a traitor in Natchez, Mississippi. He owned two historical plantations in Natchez and then moved. He sold both plantations, including the historic Gloucester Plantation, to a group of Hare Krishnas. It's now being described as a home where the Old South meet the ancient east. But, some Natchez residents "just know it will come back to us."

Names with a Southern History

MARTHA -- Direct descendents of Thomas Jefferson always name their first daughter Martha. One generation may be Martha Jane, and the next be Martha Ann.

FANCY and TANCY -- Fancy is a name going back before the civil war. Tancy came along when twins were born in one generation and Tancy rhymes with Fancy.

ROSE ANN, VIOLET ANN, IRIS ANN -- Southern fathers think of their daughters as flowers of the South, so they often give them floral names.

SISTER -- All over the Alabama and Mississippi you will find girls called sister. This isn't their given name, but they are called this from birth through their life.

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