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Southern Charms

There was a land of cavaliers and cotton
fields called the OLD SOUTH...
Here in this pretty world, Gallantry took
it's last bow... Here was the last ever
to be seen of Knights and their Ladies Fair,
of Master and of Slave...
Look for it only in books, for it is no more
than a dream remembered. A civilization
... gone with the wind ...

Reminders of the Old South still abound,
with the warm breezes, and smell of
honeysuckle in the air; drinkin' iced tea,
sittin' out on the front porch in a swing.
But the South is much more than that...

Its found in the music you hear...
Beale Street blues, Grand Ole Opry,

And home of the King

It's the Mississippi River
flowing into the Gulf Coast and
its Gambling Casinos

And the beauty of Carolina's
Great Smoky Mountains
along with the rich history of
South Carolina and Georgia.

What a place... the South has it all!!