Famous People Who Were Murdered or Assassinated

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Řystein Aarseth, (1993), Norwegian black metal musician, killed by bandmate Varg Vikernes

"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, (2004), American heavy metal musician, killed while on stage performing

Gentleman Chris Adams, (2001), British Judo and Professional Wrestling star of the 1980s.

Joy Adamson, (1980), Naturalist & author, who worked with lions in Kenya, killed by ex-employee

King Aed I of Scotland, (878), killed for his throne

David "Stringbean" Akeman (1973), Tennessee country musician. Shot to death at his home by a burglar, who also killed Akeman's wife.

Scott Amedure, (1995), shot by Jonathan Schmitz three days after revealing his homosexual attraction to Schmitz on The Jenny Jones Show

Ted Ammon, (2001), New York financier

Doris Angleton, (1997), Houston, Texas socialite

Gwen Araujo, (2002), transgendered teenager

Archimedes, (212 BC), ancient Greek mathematician & philosopher, killed by a Roman soldier

Eugene Armstrong, (2004), American contractor beheaded in Iraq


David Bacon, (1943), American film actor

Judith Barsi, (1988), American child actress,

Thomas ŕ Becket, (1170), Archbishop of Canterbury, assassinated by followers of Henry II

Berry Berenson, (2001) (widow of actor/AIDS causualty Anthony Perkins; sister of actress Marisa Berenson of Barry Lyndon fame). Died when the airliner on which she was a passenger was commandeered by terrorists and used in a suicide-crash to destroy the World Trade Center.

Nick Berg (2004), US businessman, beheaded in Iraq

Jessica Bergsten, (1991), US up-and-coming model & skateboarding fan, killed by a skateboarder

Otto Berman, (1935) New York mafia accountant, killed by gangsters

Cassie Bernall, (1999), Columbine High School massacre victim

Francis Boggs, (1911), Hollywood film director, killed by Japanese gardener who went berserk

Oscar Bonavena, (1976), Argentinian boxer, killed by a brothel bodyguard in Reno, Nevada

Lyman Bostock, (1978), American baseball player, shot dead in the back seat of a car

Michael Burgeman, (1982), Chicago, Morton Grove, and Skokie, Illinois Allsate Insurance Agent, unsolved murder August 22, 1982, found shot to death in Chicago

Carl Bridgewater, (1978), West Midlands newspaper delivery boy, shot dead on his delivery round

George Brown, (1880), Canadian politician and journalist, killed by a disgruntled former employee

Carlie Brucia, (2004), Florida 11 year-old; abducted, raped, and strangled by a mechanic

James Byrd, Jr. (1998), dragged to his death behind a pickup in Jasper County, Texas in one of the most notorious hate crimes of the 1990s


Susan Cabot, (1986), actress, bludgeoned to death by her son

Julius Caesar, (44 BC), general and political leader

Ivan Calderón, (2003), Puerto Rican baseball player

Roberto Calvi, (1982), banker

Enrique Camarena, (1985), DEA official

Paul Castellano, (1985), mafioso

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, (1982), Korean American author, robbery

Victor Chang, (1991), Australian heart-transplant surgeon

Jessica Chapman, 2002, ten-year-old schoolgirl

Vincent Chin, (1982), Chinese-American beaten to death by two white auto workers who accused him of being a Japanese stealing American jobs

Lana Clarkson, (2003), actress

Anita Cobby, Australian nurse

Private Leslie Coffelt, police officer

Lamont Coleman aka "Big L", (1999), rapper

Sam Cooke, (1964), Gospel/Soul/R&B Singer. Shot to death by motel manager after allegedly trying to rape a woman.

Ennis Cosby, (1997), son of actor Bill Cosby, shot during robbery on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, California

Bob Crane, (1978), actor and DJ. Bludgeoned to death at a Scottsdale, Arizona motel.

King Culen I of Scotland, (971)

James Bulger tortured and killed by two 10 year old boys


Bubby Dacer, (2000), Philippine publicist

Jeffrey Dahmer, (1994), American serial killer and cannibal, killed in prison by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver

Jill Dando, (1999), television presenter

Dhirka Al-Dali, (2003), Tunisian singer

Jesse Dirkhising, (1999), 13 year-old victim of rape and torture

King Dubh I of Scotland, (966)

King Duncan I of Scotland, (1040), killed in battle by Macbeth

Dominique Dunne, (1982), actress. Strangled at her home by ex-boyfriend John Thomas Sweeney.


King Edward II of England, (1327)

King Edward V of England, (1483), (probably)

Andres Escobar, (1994), footballer

Medgar Evers, (1963), civil rights leader


Stan Farr, (1976), boyfriend of Priscilla Davis

Daniel Faulkner, (1981), Philadelphia police officer

LaToyia Figueroa

Pat Finucane, (1989), Belfast lawyer

Jim Fisk, (1872). Shot to death by a business associate in a quarrel about Fisk's mistress.

Abigail Folger, (1969), coffee heiress and victim of the Manson Family. Stabbed 28 times by Manson's followers.

Pim Fortuyn, (2002), Dutch politician

Dian Fossey, (1985), naturalist

Bobby Franks, (1924), 14 year-old murdered by teenaged thrill killers Leopold and Loeb

Kristen French, (1992), murdered by Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Wojciech Frykowski, (1969), a victim of the Manson Family.

Junko Furuta, (1989), Japanese schoolgirl held captive and tortured for 44 days


Deborah Gardner, (1975), Peace Corps volunteer widely believed to have been killed by a fellow enlistee.

Mahatma Gandhi, (1948), politician

Kitty Genovese, (1964), bar manager whose murder instigated the study of the Bystander effect.

Dora Gerson, (1943), German Jewish actress and singer, murdered at Auschwitz by the Nazis.

Theo van Gogh, (2004), Dutch film director, criticaster

Ronald Goldman, (1994), US actor, murdered with Nicole Brown Simpson

Max Green, Australian lawyer who defrauded millions of dollars from investors

Veronica Guerin, journalist murdered by Irish drug dealers in 1996

David Gunn, (1993), first doctor in the United States to be murdered for performing abortions.

Frank Gusenberg, (1929), victim of St. Valentine's Day massacre

Corrine Gustavson, (1992), 6-year-old Edmonton girl, died from rape injuries.


Lori Hacking, (2004), murdered by husband, body found in Salt Lake landfill, she was 5 weeks pregnant at the time of her death

Amber Hagerman, (1996), abducted from a laundromat parking lot in Arlington, Texas, her body was found several days later in a creek. The national Amber Alert plan was named in her honor.

Latasha Harlins, (1991) African-American teenager shot in the back of the head by Korean liquor store owner Soon Ja Du

Phil Hartman, (1998), Canadian-born American actor, shot by his wife Brynn Hartman in a murder-suicide

Kathryn, Bryan, Stella, and Ruby Harvey, (2006) Woodland Heights, Virginia family of 4 found bound with tape, throats slashed with box cutters from inside their own home

Margaret Hassan, (2004), humanitarian aid worker in Iraq

Aubrey Hawkins, (2000), Irving, Texas police officer

King Henry VI of England, (1471)

Jack Hensley, (2004), American engineer beheaded in Iraq

Evelyn Hernandez, (2002)

Hoi Kim Heng, (1994), Singapore police officer

Margaret Hogg, the Wasdale Lady in the Lake, murdered 1976, and found 1984

DeShaun Holton, aka "Proof" from D12, (2006), rapper

Tammy Homolka (1990), raped and murdered by her brother-in-law, Paul Bernardo, and sister Karla Homolka

Huang Na (2004), 8-year-old Chinese girl murdered in Singapore by Malaysian vegetable packer Took Leng How

Ronald Hughes, (1971), celebrity attorney

Hypatia of Alexandria, (415), mathematician

David Huffman, (1985), American actor; shot to death by a mugger.


Thomas H. Ince, (1924). Mysteriously died on William Randolph Hearst's yacht.

King Indulf I of Scotland, (962)


Jesse James (1882), 19th-Century American outlaw. Shot to death by Bob and Charlie Ford.

Jam Master Jay (2002), founder of Run DMC

Christine Jessop (1984), 9-year-old Canadian girl whose family neighbour, Guy Paul Morin, was wrongfully convicted of her murder

Paul Johnson, (2004), beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Robert Johnson (1938). Poisoned by a jealous lover at a Mississippi jukebox joint.

Holly Jones (2003), 10-year-old Toronto girl

James Jordan, father of basketball star Michael Jordan

Suzanne Jovin, Yale University student whose murder is still unsolved


Rabbi Meir Kahane, (1990), founder of Jewish Defense League

Megan Kanka, (1994), young victim of crime

Petra Kelly, (1992), German Green Party leader

Eyvind Kelve, (995), Norwegian pagan leader

Alexa Kenin, (1985). Shot to death in New York City.

John F. Kennedy, (1963), United States President. Assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Robert Kennedy, (1968), United States Senator. Assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan.

King Kenneth II of Scotland, (995)

King Kenneth III of Scotland, (1005)

Stanley Ketchel, (1910) world champion boxer, by a jealous man.

Victor Kilian (1979), actor

Kim Sun-il, (2004), beheaded in Iraq

Martin Luther King Jr, (1968), civil rights leader. Assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray.

Polly Klaas, (1993), young victim of crime

Shosei Koda, (2004), beheaded in Iraq

Earl Krugel, (2005), Jewish Defense League terrorist killed in prison

Karyn Kupcinet (1963). Strangled at her apartment. Murderer was never discovered.


John Lennon, (1980), songwriter and musician, former Beatle, shot to death by Mark David Chapman

Chandra Levy, (2001), intern, allegedly had affair with California congressman Gary Condit. Her skeletal remains were found in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.. Cold case.

Abraham Lincoln (1865). Assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.

Charles Augustus Lindbergh III, (1932), son of aviator Charles Lindbergh

Anna Lindh, (2003), Foreign Minister of Sweden, stabbed by Mijailo Mijailović

Huey Long, (1935), former governor of Lousiana and US Senator, assassinated by Carl Weiss.

Jose Lopez Rosario, (2006), alleged drug dealer from Puerto Rico, nine gunshots by unknown assailant(s).

Pat Lowther, Canadian poet, murdered by her husband

King Lulach of Scotland, (1058)


Leslie Mahaffy, (1991), murdered by Paul Bernardo

King Malcolm I of Scotland, (954)

Christopher Marlowe, (1593), writer

Henry "Dickie" Marrow (1970), 23-year-old black victim of violent "hate crime."

Maximus of Smyrna, (370), neoplatonist philosopher

Harvey Milk, (1978), San Francisco gay rights activist and politician, shot by rival Dan White, subject of Twinkie defense

Gail Miller, (January 31, 1969), lead to wrongful conviction of David Milgaard, murdered by Larry Fisher

Sal Mineo, (1976), actor. Stabbed to death at his apartment-house garage.

Satomi Mitarai, (2004), student (her killer is the basis of the "Nevada-tan" Internet phenomenon)

Jason Moran, (2003)

Lewis Moran, (2004)

Vicki Morgan (1983), fashion model, mistress of Alfred S. Bloomingdale

George Moscone, (1978), mayor of San Francisco, gunned down by Board of Supervisors member Dan White

Rudolph Moshammer (2005), Bavarian fashion designer


Jack Nance, (1997), actor. Found dead of a hemorrhage in his South Pasadena, California apartment after a brawl at Winchell's.

Huey P. Newton, (1989), a founding member of the Black Panther Party. Shot to death in Oakland, California.

Haing S. Ngor, (1996); doctor, survivor of Cambodian holocaust; actor, starred in The Killing Fields. Shot to death in his carport by members of the Lazyboys, an Los Angeles-based Oriental youth-gang.

Rosemarie Nitribitt (1957), German call girl

Ramon Novarro, (1968), actor. Bludgeoned to death by two drifters.


Madge Oberholtzer, 1925, Indiana state employee kidnapped and mortally injured by Ku Klux Klan leader D. C. Stephenson.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, (1995), Founder of American Atheists

William I of Orange, (1584), Count of Nassau, revolutionary

Joe Orton, (1967), dramatist

Betty Osborne (1971), aboriginal Canadian woman whose murderers were not tried until 1987

Lee Harvey Oswald, (1963), John F. Kennedy's assassin. Shot to death by Jack Ruby.


Elyse Pahler (1995), schoolgirl whose parents sued the band Slayer over her death

Felix Pappalardi, (1983), musician

Pier Paolo Pasolini, (1975), Italian poet and film director. Bludgeoned to death by a 17-year-old boy whom he allegedly propositioned, after which the boy drove Pasolini's Alfa Romeo over his body.

Sarah Payne, 2000, seven-year-old schoolgirl

Daniel Pearl (2002), journalist executed by Pakistani terrorists affiliated with Al Qaida

Joachim Peiper, (1976), German SS commander

Selena Quintanilla Perez, (1995), Tejano singer. SEE Selena.

Laci Peterson, (2002) - Pregnant California woman

David Graham Phillips (1911), journalist / novelist

Gus Polidor, 1995, MLB player

Pontiac, (1769), native American leader

Lila Pritchert, murdered by James D. Pritchert for chatting online

Pythagoras, (496 BC), mathematician


Robert Quiroga, (2004) world champion boxer, by an acquaintance.


Alex Rackley, died 1969, victim in the 1970 New Haven, Connecticut Black Panther murder trial of the New Haven Nine, Bobby Seale, and Ericka Huggins

JonBenét Ramsey, (1996), young beauty queen and young victim of crime

King Richard II of England, (1399)

Richard, Duke of York, one of the Princes in the Tower.

David Rizzio, (1566), Secretary and confident of Queen Mary I of Scotland

Archbishop Oscar Romero, (1980). Assassinated in El Salvador.

David Rosenbaum, (2006), died following mugging in Washington, D.C.

Jose Ruiz (1992), Puerto Rican world boxing champion, murdered during robbery

Samantha Runnion, (2002), young victim of crime

Leo Ryan, (1978), Member of the United States House of Representatives, shot in an ambush in Guyana by members of the Peoples Temple sect led by Jim Jones. First U.S. Congressman to be killed in office.


Rebecca Schaeffer, (1989); actress, starred in My Sister Sam. Shot to death at her home by Robert John Bardo

Moritz Schlick (1936), Austrian philosopher

Dutch Schultz, (1935), gangster

Rachel Scott, (1999), Columbine High School massacre victim

Selena, (1995), Tejano singer. Shot to death by Yolanda Saldívar, president of her fan club.

Betty Shabazz, (1997), widow of Malcolm X, mortally burned in a fire set by her grandson

Shaka Zulu, (1828), 19th-Century African ruler/military strategist. Assassinated by his own half-brothers upon reportedly turning fanatical.

Tupac Shakur, (1996), rapper-actor. Shot to death in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alan Shalleck, (2006), children's book author

Solomon P. Sharp, (1825) American Congressman

Matthew Shepard, (1998), gay student

Henry Shirley, (1627), dramatist

Elizabeth Ann Short, (1947), aka "The Black Dahlia"

Mzukisi Sikali, (2005), world champion boxer

Nicole Brown Simpson, (1994), ex-wife of O. J. Simpson

Barnett Slepian, M.D., (1998), abortion provider

Brian Smith, (1995), Canadian sportscaster

Jay R. Smith, (2002), actor

Laura Kate Smither, (1997), young victim of crime

Linda Sobek, (1995), former Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader-turned actress

Tiffany Souers, college student who was raped and strangled by a registered sex offender who had previously served prison sentences for sex-related crimes

Nancy Spungen, (1978), girlfriend of Sid Vicious.

Dernell Stenson, (2003), MLB baseball player

Dorothy Stratten, (1980), actress. Shot to death by her estranged husband.

Carl Switzer, (1959); actor, played "Alfalfa" in Our Gang and Little Rascals films. Shot to death in a bar brawl.


Igor Talkov, (1991), singer-songwriter

Sharon Tate, (1969); actress, wife of Roman Polanski. Repeatedly stabbed to death by Charles Manson and members of the Manson Family.

William Desmond Taylor, (1922), film director. Shot to death. Murderer was never discovered, but later evidence led to a theory that Taylor was killed by Charlotte Shelby...the mother of Taylor's lover, Mary Miles Minter.

Brandon Teena, (1993), subject of film Boys Don't Cry (movie)

Mickey & Trudy Thompson, (1988), auto racing legend

Emmett Till, (1955), 14 year old African American, his body dumped in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi

Peter Tosh, (1987), reggae musician, co-founded The Wailers with Bob Marley, killed during a home invasion

Chris Trickle, (1998), Up and coming NASCAR driver, nephew of NASCAR driver Dick Trickle

Marie Trintignant, (2003), French actress

Roger Troutman, (1999), lead singer of funk band Zapp, allegedly shot in a murder-suicide by brother and bandmate Larry



Gianni Versace, (1997), Italian fashion designer. Shot to death outside his Miami, Florida mansion by Andrew Cunanan.

Luis Vigoreaux, (1983), slain producer, show host.


Adam Walsh, (1981), son of John Walsh. Found decapitated in a canal, 123 miles from his Florida home. Murderer has never been discovered.

Lili Wang, (2002), university student

Aaron Webster (2001), gay bashing

Holly Wells, (2002), ten-year-old schoolgirl

Diane Whipple, (2001), athletics coach, mauled by dogs

Stanford White, (1906), architect. Shot to death by Harry Thaw because of an alleged affair with Evelyn Nesbit, Thaw's wife.

Andrea Wilborn, (1976), daughter of Priscilla Davis

JoAnn Wilson, (1983), ex-wife of Canadian politician Colin Thatcher

Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious BIG, (1997), Rapper. Shot to death.

Catherine Woods (2005) New York City stripper, slashed to death by ex-boyfriend.


Malcolm X, (1965), civil rights leader



Mia Zapata, (1993), singer

Cecilia Zhang (2003), 9-year-old Toronto girl