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Austin-Frontier Town Quiz

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In downtown Austin, north-south streets are named after Texas Rivers. The east-west streets (now numbered) were originally named for:

  1. Texas Wildflowers
  2. Texas Legislators
  3. Texas Trees
  4. Texas Cities

The first newspaper to be published in Austin began publishing on October 30, 1839. What was it?

  1. Austin American
  2. Austin City Gazette
  3. Austin Daily Texian
  4. Austin Democrat Statesman

Some of Austin's early businesses, districts, and educational institutions survive today. Others are long gone, and mostly forgotten. What was Guy Town?

  1. A part of East Austin set aside for freed slaves and their families after the Civil War
  2. A little known area of gay bars and rooming houses not far from the State Capitol
  3. An area of saloons, gambling dens and 'bawdy houses,' Austin's downtown vice district
  4. A controversial boy's orphanage, detention center, and work camp near the Colorado River

You might know it better by a somewhat geographical name. Eurycea sosorum is the more scientific name for which of these Central Texas critters?

  1. Barton Springs Salamander
  2. Mexican Free-tailed Bat
  3. Hippy Hollow Horned Lizard (Horny Toad)
  4. Texas Blind Salamander

If you know your music trivia, perhaps you know that River City Country was...

  1. A proposed musical riverboat tour along the Colorado River
  2. The first band to play at the Armadillo World Headquarters
  3. A candidate for the name of a music series
  4. Jerry Jeff Walker's original backup band

Today, self-serve gas stations, self-serve banking, and self-serve restaurants are not at all unusual. But back in the early 1900s, customer service at a grocery store meant more than just courteous checkers and helpful carry-out. Do you know what chain was Austin's first self-service grocery store?

  1. H.E.B.
  2. Piggly Wiggly
  3. Circle K
  4. Skaggs Albertson's

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