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Question 1: All of the above Yes, there was a James E. Stewart at the Alamo. No, he was not the actor!

Question 2: April 21, 1836 Several people picked March 2, 1836, which goes to prove that the State of Texas needs to reinstate the San Jacinto Day holiday!

Question 3: General George S. Patton Audie Murphy was from Farmersville. Dwight Eisenhower was born in Denison and was stationed at Fort Sam Houston when the war began. Chester Nimitz was from Fredericksburg (a descendant of a native Texas German family). Doris Miller was from Waco. Miller was serving as a messman on the USS West Virginia when it was attacked at Pearl Harbor. Although he had no gunnery training, he manned a machine gun when others were wounded, and received the Navy Cross. Although George Patton had the aura of a Texan, he was actually born in San Gabriel, California.

Question 4: Juan N. Seguín In addition to serving as the head of a unit at San Jacinto, Seguin was briefly at the Alamo. He was sent as a courier to Sam Houston at Gonzalez, where he organized a company and joined the march eastward. The three Hispanics who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence were Lorenzo de Zavala (a Mexican liberal), José Antonio Navarro and José Francisco Ruiz. Rafael de la Garza was a congressman in the Texas Republic and in 1845 sold two leagues of land on the Comal River to Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels (and you can guess what community he established).

Question 5: Henry McCarty Legend has it that Billy the Kid' s real name was William H. Bonney, but this was simply one of a series of aliases the Kid used. Scholars have determined that his real name was Henry McCarty, born out of wedlock to Catherine McCarty of New York City. He is buried in Fort Sumner.

Question 6: All of the above One of the better negotiations in Texas history.

Question 7: Joly The Saint François was lost to Spanish privateers. The storeship Aimable was lost in Pass Cavallo in 1685, causing a number of the French colonists to return to France in the Joly. The remaining ship, the Belle, was wrecked off the Matagorda peninsula in 1686. As you no doubt know, the remains of the Belle have recently been recovered by the Texas Historical Commission. The Aimable was also recently discovered, but has not yet been recovered.

Question 8: Katherine Anne Porter - Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939) Katherine was born in Indian Creek, Texas, in 1890. She wrote Pale Horse, Pale Rider in 1939, for which she received national acclaim. She was also known for Ship of Fools, which she wrote in 1961. She died in 1980 in Maryland.

Question 9: Francita Alavez She is credited with persuading one of the Mexican officers at Goliad to spare Major William P. Miller and a number of his men. She came to Texas with Captain Telesforo Alavez in March, 1836, and was generally assumed to be his wife.

Question 10: Edmund J. Davis The only three Texas governors elected as Republicans were Edmund J. Davis, William P. Clements, and George W. Bush. John Connally became a Republican after serving as governor, before attempting to run for president in 1980. Davis was elected in 1869, during the "reconstruction period."

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