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Horse And The Old West Quizzes

What Kind of Horse?

Question 1: This is the only draft breed that originated in the USA.


American Cream Draft


American Walking Pony

Question 2: These horses were first found by Bedouins in the desert of what is now Saudi Arabia.





Question 3: Cave paintings of horses were found in the Iberian Peninsula. It is considered that those prehistoric horses were the ancestors of this breed





Question 4: This was the first breed developed in Mexico. It is a cross between Criollo, Quarter Horse and Andalusian.

Quarter Horse




Question 5: This breed was made by a Russian marshal, who wanted to create a military horse.





Question 6: Very few breeds have kept the characteristic features of the native northern horse. This is one of them.


East Bulgarian

Estonian Native

Dutch Draft

Question 7: These horses became popular when an Argenitinian farmer sold several to president Kennedy in 1962


Exmoor Pony



Question 8: Before becoming a breed name, this word was used to describe general riding horses





Question 9: This is one of the oldest Asian breeds.





Question 10: This horse breed originated in Japan. Its size was increased by introducing horses of European and American origin.





The Old West
In 1839, a new weapon appeared in Texas. It was a pistol capable of firing six shots from a revolving cylinder. The pistol had been made in Paterson, New Jersey, in accordance with the patent held by whom?

Which fort of the Old West was located farthest to the southwest?
A. Fort Hays
B. Fort Yuma
C. Fort Pierre
D. Fort Missoula
E. Fort Leavenworth

Immigrants who settled on unoccupied land in the Old West without legal claim were ...
A. sitters
B. holders
C. grabbers
D. squatters
E. crouchers

What is the collective name for these symbols in the Old West?

Running W
Crazy 3
Rocking H
Flying F
Lazy T

Most of the ghost towns of the Old West were once dependent upon ...
A. mining
B. farming
C. trapping
D. ranching
E. manufacturing

In 1868, a Kansas Pacific locomotive had to wait eight hours while a herd of what kind of animals ambled across the tracks?

Two days after the first coast-to-coast telegraph line was completed in 1861, what mail delivery service made its last trip?

In the Old West, the theft of branded livestock constituted what crime?

Davy Crockett was killed at ...
A. Santa Fe
B. Santiago
C. San Jacinto
D. San Antonio
E. San Juan Hill

Name the branch of the army in which soldiers fought while mounted on horseback.

Sod houses were most commonly built in the ...
A. Rockies
B. Southwest
C. Great Plains
D. Appalachians
E. Pacific Northwest

During the late 1800s, longhorns were particularly associated with which state?
A. Ohio
B. Texas
C. Montana
D. Nebraska
E. Pennsylvania

The population of what future state grew from about 14,000 in 1848 to 100,000 by 1850 and to 380,000 by 1860?

Who gained his reputation as a scout?
A. Jesse James
B. William Cody
C. Bat Masterson
D. Andrew Jackson
E. Frederic Remington

What was completed in 1869 that took a little over three years of effort by more than 20,000 workmen across 1775 miles of mountains and plains?

What was the name of the job that occurred every spring when cowboys worked to bring their cattle from open range to a central place for branding?

In the Old West, when a sheriff needed help to pursue a gang of criminals, he would sometimes organize a group of townsfolk to assist him. Such a group was called a ...

What invention brought an end to the open range in the western United States?

During the 1840s in the U.S., sometimes as many as a hundred families in their prairie schooners would travel westward in caravans. These caravans were called ...

William G. Fargo and Henry Wells developed what kind of enterprise in the Old West?
A. freight
B. telegraph
C. oil drilling
D. munitions
E. cattle ranching

Which cities were cattle towns?
A. Reno and Las Vegas
B. Tombstone and Yuma
C. Abilene and Dodge City
D. Leadville and Silverton
E. Monterey and San Luis Obispo

Of the perhaps 60 million that existed at the beginning of the 19th century, less than one thousand of what creatures remained by 1895?

People who went to California during the mid 19th century in search of gold were called ...
A. Minutemen
B. suffragists
C. Forty-Niners
D. Rough Riders
E. carpetbaggers

In the Old West, cowboys on a cattle drive faced the danger that the herd might be frightened into a wild, panicked flight called a ...

The year was 1846. Eighty-nine emigrants heading for California were trapped in the Sierras by snow and were reduced through starvation to cannibalism. What is the name for the mountain pass in which this tragedy occurred?

Geronimo was a chief of the ...
A. Hopis
B. Ojibwas
C. Apaches
D. Mohawks
E. Cherokees

Who led the Mormons to the Great Salt Lake?
A. John Hancock
B. Brigham Young
C. Miles Standish
D. Benedict Arnold
E. Jefferson Davis

Billy the Kid was an outlaw in what state?

Prairie schooners of the American West were also known as ...
A. flatboats
B. cattle drives
C. clipper ships
D. railroad trains
E. Conestoga wagons

Which historical site is associated with a huge gold strike?
A. the Alamo
B. Pearl Harbor
C. Sutter's Mill
D. Promontory Point
E. the Little Big Horn

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