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Jennifer Aniston Quiz

How much do you really know about Jennifer Aniston? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Since the first episode of Friends, how many pounds has Jennifer trimmed from her now-taut figure?




2. What is Jennifer's favorite sandwich?

Peanut butter and banana

Wonder Bread and mayonnaise

Turkey salad special

3. In a recent Hallmark poll, what percent of women surveyed said their friendships are similar to the close, supportive one between Jennifer's character, Rachel Green, and Monica, played by Courteney Cox Arquette, on Friends?

43 percent

54 percent

25 percent

4. Where are you most likely to find Jennifer and her husband, Brad Pitt?

Dining at little-known Tex-Mex restaurants

Crossing the velvet ropes at trendy clubs

Mingling with Hollywood's elite at private parties

5. One of Jennifer's bridesmaids was an old friend from which class in high school?




6. What did Jennifer's classmates say to tease her when she was growing up?

Her butt was too big

Her eyes were too close together

Her hair was a frizzy mop

All of the above

7. What was Jennifer's character, Rachel Green, wearing in the first episode of Friends?

A pink taffeta bridesmaid's dress

A soaking-wet wedding dress

A fluffy white tutu

8. How much does Jennifer make per episode of Friends?




9. Which board game are you most likely to find Jennifer playing with Brad at home?




10. How many years did Aniston played the character Rachel Green on Friends?





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